The Breakdown Episode 48

Posted: March 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Half Moon Run, Alex Clare, Foals, Stars, Geographer, Toro Y Moi, Autre Ne Veut, Passion Pit and Zulu Winter.

Stream it here: 

Right click “save link as” to download mp3 here: The Breakdown with Ben Episode 48

Welcome to another cracking edition of The Breakdown. There have been some significant musical discoveries over the past couple weeks. Some of them are up to a year old, so apologies to the indie music buffs out there. What I can promise is a sweet hour and a half of the best hand selected ditties for you all.

The biggest one for me has been the album by Half Moon Run. From start to finish it is killer, with all tracks bearing all the hallmarks of an accomplished, forward thinking songwriter. In some songs, they remind me of folky, alt-country style artists such as Futurebirds or Lord Huron, and in others I hear influences from as far afield as Thom Yorke. Get around it, its called Dark Eyes and is one of my highlights so far this year.

Another really cool release is by Alex Clare. This one was released a while ago and I somehow missed it, but is being enjoyed by myself and a particular Jam Slave I know. He has bellowing soulful vocals, a really original songwriting style, all backed up by influences of drum’n’bass and light dubsteb whomping. Must be heard to be understood, haha.

Albums by Foals, Van She, Geographer, Toro Y Moi and Stars are all on high rotation on my iPod and are all being thoroughly enjoyed and are recommended.

Some of the highlights in the form of blogged singles this week come from 90 Pounds of Pete, Autre Ne Veut, CYMBALS, Boombox and Cayucas. Just listen to the whole damn thing, actually.

Hope you enjoy, its been super fun making this one.

Tracklist (start time)

1. Autre Ne Veut – Play by Play (BWB Edit) (00:00)

2. Half Moon Run – Nerve (03:32)

3. 90 Pounds of Pete – Arms (06:49)

4. Foals – Everytime (10:39)

5. Alex Clare – Treading Water (14:39)

6. Geographer – Lover’s Game (18:17)

7. CYMBALS – The Natural World (22:10)

8. BoomBox – Lost Ya (28:15)

9. Kent Odessa – Honeymoon (33:14)

10. Stars – A Song Is a Weapon (36:42)

11. Toro Y Moi – Cake (48:02)

12. Cayucas – High School Lover (44:02)

13. Passion Pit – Where I Come From (47:41)

14. Air Bag One – 2 Days Picnic (51:20)

15.  High Highs – Live In Dreams (Wild Nothing cover) (54:54)

16. Flume – Insane Feat. Moon Holiday (58:09)

17. Deptford Goth – Union (1:01:42)

18. Half Moon Run – 21 Gun Salute (1:05:46)

19. Virgin Magnetic Material – Shine (Remix of Depeche Mode) (1:10:45)

20. Geographer – The Myth Of Youth (1:17:14)

21. Van She – You’re My Rescue (1:21:22)

22. Olga Kouklaki – Antivirus (Teeel Remix) (1:24:57)

23. Uppermost – Energy (1:28:41)

24. Ghost Beach – Close Enough Feat Noosa (1:33:00)

25. Zulu Winter – Key To My Heart (Pinemarten Remix) (1:36:48)

26. Chrome Sparks – Marijuana (1:41:47)

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