The Breakdown Episode 47

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from FOALS!!!, Wildcat! Wildcat!, Van She, Crooked Colours, Devendra Banhart,  Poor Spirits, Guards and Ryan Hemsworth.

Stream it here: 

Right click “save link as” to download mp3 here: The Breakdown with Ben Episode 47

Hello and welcome to the latest and greatest in the indie music world.

I need to start with nothing other than the biggest musical news in quite a while: the third studio album from possibly my favourite band of all time, Foals. Entitled Holy Fire, I have already been through it about 4 or 5 times in the 3 days since I’ve had it. While not quite exactly what I was expecting, judgement shall be reserved until I fully get to know the album and all its brilliant subtleties that Foals are known for delivering. In its infancy, I have taken my personal two standout tracks for this episode.

The new release by seminal Aussie group, Van She, is also represented well in this episode. It is a very solid follow up to their critically acclaimed debut, V, of around 5 years ago.

More favourites are included from up and comers Crooked Colours, whose vocalist and synth style I really dig. Also Sir Sly, whose two songs I’ve heard I’m very impressed with. Another ditty from The Breakdown‘s number 1 song of 2012 winner, Wildcat! Wildcat!, is also in here.

To round off this episode another couple of tunes from Breakdown favourites, IntotheNorthSea and Poor Spirits are thrown in for good measure.

Enjoy the beats people :)

Tracklist (start time)

1. Foals – My Number (00:00)

2. Guards – Resolution Of One (04:00)

3. Van She – Sarah (07:21)

4. Little Lapin – Waiting Room (12:02)

5. Sir Sly – Gold (15:41)

6. Sun City – High (19:32)

7. Wildcat! Wildcat! – Please And Thank You (23:30)

8. Crooked Colours – Pop Culture (28:08)

9. Peace – Bloodshake (31:45)

10. The View – Superstar Tradesman (35:22)

11. Bebe Black – Deathwish (38:35)

12. Thomas Azier – Fire Arrow (BWB Edit) (42:15)

13. STRFKR – Leave It All Behind (46:31)

14. The Pass – Alone Again (49:47)

15. Banquise – Round And Round (Ratt Cover) (54:45)

16. Devendra Banhart – Hildegard Von Bingen (57:43)

17. IntotheNorthSea – Sleep Well (1:00:17)

18. Pelicans – Not the Same (1:04:20)

19. Poor Spirits – Michi (1:08:26)

20. IYES – Lighthouse (1:11:24)

21. Brothertiger – Reach It All (Digits remix) (1:15:04)

22. Foals – Inhaler (1:19:15)

23. Van She – We Move On (1:24:07)

24. Ryan Hemsworth – The Happy Mask Shop (1:26:55)

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