The Breakdown Episode 49

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Trails And Ways, mdnt, Caveman, Half Moon Run, Geographer, Haim, Flume, Toro Y Moi and CHVRCHES.

Stream it here: 

Right click “save link as” to download mp3 here: The Breakdown with Ben Episode 49

Sorry for the delay in getting this one out, but hopefully you will find it as worth the wait as I have. There are some crazily good songs in this episode.

First up, I have to celebrate a first. Somewhat of a hip-hop track! Some of you might have noticed that I do not go on hip-hop or rap much at all, but I have finally found an artist that blends indie and hip-hop perfectly – mdnt. He even admits in the verse that he’s “too indie for rap, and too rap for indie”. Good call son.

More entries from high rotation albums that have appeared on previous Breakdown’s come from Half Moon Run, Geographer, Foals, Toro Y Moi and Flume. These albums are all highly recommended.

A new album from Vancouver based trip-hop / lo-fi / shoe-gaze / whateveryouwanttocallit artist Tor is also making waves. Thanks Keevik for the heads up on that one.

Previous Breakdown featured artists making a reappearance with new material are Trails and Ways (I really like their sound – a melding of  Of Monsters And Men with Bravestation with newer Van She), RAC, AlunaGeorge, Haim, CHVRCHES and Caveman.

Hope you like this one, I think its pretty damn cool.

Tracklist (start time)

1. Geographer – Original Sin (00:00)

2. mdnt – Dreamcatcher (04:45)

3. Freedom Fry – Friends And Enemies (08:44)

4. Trails and Ways – Mtn Tune (13:15)

5. RAC feat. Penguin Prison – Hollywood (Felix Da Housecat Remix) (17:25)

6. Half Moon Run – She Wants to Know (23:52)

7. Balue – West Coast Bros (28:04)

8. Jubilants – Fiasco (32:38)

9. Papa – Put Me To Work (36:14)

10. Caveman – In The City (38:51)

11. AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies (42:57)

12. Foals – Bad Habit (46:07)

13. gotelltheeskimo – When The Lights Go Out (50:46)

14. Heyrocco – Elsewhere (54:30)

15. Elen Never Sleeps – Hazel (57:57)

16. Dungeonesse – Shucks (1:01:53)

17. Haim – Falling (1:05:31)

18. Chvrches – Recover (1:09:50)

19. Francisco The Man – In the Corners (1:13:39)

20. iamforest – Structures (1:17:54)

21. Geographer – Blinders (1:22:40)

22. Toro Y Moi – Rose Quartz (1:25:43)

23. Tor – Heikki (1:29:57)

24. M – Pilgrim (MS MR Remix) (1:35:16)

25. Flume – Change (1:38:05)


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