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The Indie Electro Breakdown is a collective of musical superlords that love good, new indie and electro music and also love you. Every couple of weeks a podcast / playlist / musical egg is laid that will launch an armada of marauding earworms that will propagate through your consciousness endowing you with magical musical powers. You shall become the all powerful, all knowing, benevolent messiah king shit of most things musical (and some things that are just plain weird… you creep)

See here on the left <—-  ?

Click one of them. The top one is the newest.

Go forth, fair musical warrior.


Woohoo, all the big streaming platforms are now supported…





We also have a sweet YouTube Channel

  1. Frankie G says:

    That’s awesome Ben, thx for sharing all these goodies !!!

  2. Salem Morelli says:

    I’ve been looking for a cool podcast to listen to. Guess I came to the right place.

  3. joe says:

    Hey Ben. I recently found your podcast and am enjoying it. I’ve spent the last couple years really getting into the scene and have come across some solid stuff. Every day new stuff pours in and I was wondering if you would accept any submissions I have of stuff that may go well with ur format. Let me know. I’d love to share. You’ve got some really diverse sounding music and I look forward to future postings.

  4. mybluemoon89 says:

    Found your mixes through 8tracks, had listened to shreditII over and over and was delighted to find I could keep it at work without streaming! Now I look forward to each one! Keep it up, please!

    praise from Anchorage Alaska :D

  5. Majo says:

    Morning, how can I listen the playlist in London?

    Many thanks.


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