The Breakdown was born with one clear goal in mind: To help eliminate the dominance of shit music in popular culture… by promoting good music. Everything on The Breakdown is catchy enough, interesting enough and inspiring enough, yet family-friendly enough to be played in supermarkets, on radio stations, in TV ads, the list goes on. So why are we constantly exposed to the mindless rubbish that we are?

Unfortunately music has become a business. This means that whoever has the most money, sex appeal, contacts or out right arrogance, will get the most exposure and promotion.

The Breakdown aims to tackle that problem by providing a link between the artists creating amazing music and the music consumers that deserve better than what they are getting. It will always be a high quality product, being the fruits of a passion; of lives dedicated to and revolving around belief in the cause.

The main dude behind The Breakdown is Ben. Calling Whistler, Canada and sometimes Hobart, Australia home, he is lucky enough to be blessed with a decent enough taste in music, a rare ability to sniff it out from the vast expanses of the internet, and have found a primitive way to roll it all into a convenient end product. Along for the ride are a couple of rad musical cats. Europe / Scandinavia correspondent Julia calls Zurich, Switzerland home and brings a sweet electro house vibe to the party. Rich is an English kid also residing in Whistler, Canada; possessing an absolute demonic taste in music, he is one of the mainstays of this project. Western US correspondent Joe hails from Washington State and knows the all important Seattle scene well. Eastern US correspondent Judd brings us the goods from Washington, DC. Greek correspondent Stratos resides in Athens, running a record label that has the Athens indie scene cornered. Australian correspondents Daniel and John bring an eclectic and proven taste that aligns seamlessly with The Breakdown’s overall feel.

Genre’s are not really done here. Instead of saying “indie rock, indie pop, electro and some appearances of dubstep, post-punk, drum’n’bass, folk and alt-country”, why don’t we say “Foals, Yeasayer, Of Monsters And Men, Alt-J, Gardens & Villa, Future Islands, Darkside, Half Moon Run, Caribou, Pretty Lights and many others too numerous to begin thinking of listing”? Bands featured on The Breakdown don’t really go that well at being squeezed into a pigeon hole, there are too many that create their own genre, flying freely without restriction.

Granted, there are 1000’s of indie music blogs out there, so why follow this one? The primary difference and advantage The Breakdown holds is that instead of sharing every new sound emerging, only the best tunes are filtered and hand selected for the podcast. Hours upon hours of time and thoughtful consideration are invested to listening to a proverbial shitload of music, and only the catchiest, most original and listenable tunes will end up making the cut.

Roughly every 2 weeks, a new podcast in mp3 format will be made available to download to your computer or iPod for FREE. A short written blurb (read: smack-talk) of the highlights of the tracks and artists featured in each episode is also usually included. They’re made to be broadly appealing, suitable for playing in public places, such as workplaces, bars and at social gatherings, where lots of people with differing tastes can take something from each song. Just to prove that we don’t need to put crap on to suit the majority.

Like the Facebook page or sign up for email alerts on the front page of this website to stay in touch with when a new episode is up and ready.

We hope you enjoy.

  1. Steve Clark says:

    This show rocks!! Thanks Ben for delivering one of my best sources of new music!

  2. Rebecca Alice says:

    this show is sweet! Love NEW music!

  3. flange says:

    benny, loving listening at work…. think ive listned to almost 20 episodes in 2 weeks of work! so thank you for entertaining me….
    so i have a request perlease can i do the mystery song of the weeeeek!?
    this song is because its awesome… but also because i wanna hear u saying the artists name on radio hahaha its by a dude names wankelmut :)
    2 versions : u pick

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