The Breakdown Episode 121

Posted: March 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Flight Facilities, LCD Soundsystem, CHVRCHES, Lewis Del Mar, Tame Impala, IAMJJ, Rhye, and Moderat.


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Download the MP3 of the file here: The Indie Electro Breakdown Episode 121


Hello there good musical friend. Welcome to another sporadic yet inspiring collection of new and newish music from your favourite collector of new sounds.

This episode is headlined by a couple of returning heavyweights of the indie and electro scene. Flight Facilities, creators of our number one album from 2014, are back with a new tune, and by the sounds of it, have picked up where they off with lush electro soundscapes and perfect use of talented vocalists.

We have finally cottoned on to the new LCD Soundsystem album, American Dream, released last year. While not quite living up to the hype we read about it, it is still very solid, and there will be a couple songs featured from it over coming episodes.

We are also enjoying a new-to-us release that actually dropped in 2016 by Americans Lewis Del Mar. It is an intensely deep and exploratory album, that will take a few listens to unearth all the gems.

Aussie stoner rock legends Ocean Alley also have a new album out, and we are currently enjoying exploring that one as well.

There is also new music from past favourites IAMJJ, CHVRCHES, No Mono, Rhye, and Tame Impala, that are all worth checking out.

Enjoy this sweet mix, and if you do, be sure to share it with your musically inclined friends. Until next episode, peace and love!


**See Spotify plugin above for tracklisting**



  1. Santiago says:

    Amazing! Thank you!

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