The Breakdown Episode 122

Posted: April 30, 2018 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Lord Huron, Brijs, LCD Soundsystem, Twin Shadow, Ocean Alley, Lewis Del Mar, Slenderbodies and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever.

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Greetings music lovers and welcome to the latest and greatest new music. With, as always, a few older numbers that slipped through the cracks.

First up worth talking about on this episode is the latest album from Lord Huron. It’s their 3rd, and going off the strength of their first two albums, we’d probably have to put them as our favourite band of the past 5 years. Knowing how bands tend to inevitably drop away in time; evidenced by Alt-j, Gardens & Villa, and even to a small degree the great Foals and The National; we have high hopes that LH’s 3rd record will hold a flame to the first two. Only one listen in so far, and it sounds promising, although a notable shift in composition and songwriting style is evident. It remains to be seen how that translates once the songs are familiar… cos, ya know, how you can throw those first 2 albums on shuffle around a campfire and feel inspired by natural beauty, feel the pang of reminders of lost loves, and also look like a legend with good tunes..? That kinda consistency is rare, so come on Lord Huron, go you good thing.

Ocean Alley’s new album Chiarascuro, is awesome. They are touring North America soon and have been legendary enough to be one of those very rare bands that plays in Whistler, our hometown. We have tickets. We are grateful. We are excited.

As always, we’ve found love in new releases from returning artists in this one, including Brijs, LCD Soundsystem,and Sjowgren. We quietly mention that there is a new The Glitch Mob tune, only because it is really sort of average, and only makes it in to the episode on the strength of their name and the fact that it is only a mild extension of the slower, more airy tunes they began morphing into on their last release. New stuff from Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever is also getting us wet.

Enjoy this sweet mix, and if you do, be sure to share it with your musically inclined friends. Until next episode, peace and love!


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