The Breakdown Episode 113

Posted: May 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from The Rural Alberta Advantage, ODESZA, Drama, Future Islands, Allan Rayman, PLGRMS and Fleet Foxes.

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Hello there loyal music lovers. Let us celebrate another round of fantastic new and newish music. With the slackness I am displaying at present its likely the music may be in a retirement home by the time I feebly deliver it to your hungry ears. I have recently added a lady friend to the ever expanding list of shit I get up to, along with having just got back from hiking the gruelling West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, so apologies that I am sucking a little at getting the good shit to you on time. Rest assured, however, it is still of a high quality.

There are some wonderful moments in this episode, not the least being the hugely successful return of Future Islands. As you may already know, we here at The Breakdown just luuuurve it when an artist we love returns with high quality follow up material. This song from them is possibly our favourite song by these guys, and that is really saying something.

We are super excited by Allan Rayman also. A little while back we featured one of his tunes, a run of the mill mid-range number, and thought not much more on it. Now he is back and showcasing his incredible voice to its full extent on this tune. Holy mack, have a go at those little high range quivers! Keep an eye on this fella, we think he’s going big places.

Aussie lass Fluir has dropped a bomb on us with her tune Only One. Put this one on at the top of your mountain bike or ski line and fucken SEND IT.

Some other notable returning artists include The Rural Alberta Advantage, ODESZA, Little Dragon, Drama, From Kid and Fleet Foxes.

Have so much fun devouring these beasts, and hopefully it won’t be another 6 weeks until we cross paths :)



Artist – Song Title (Start time)

  1. Allan Rayman – 13 (00:00)
  2. Fluir – One (04:00)
  3. Future Islands – Ran (08:00)
  4. The Blaze – Juvenile (11:40)
  5. Slenderbodies – Anemone (15:00)
  6. Tkay Maidza – Glorious (18:50)
  7. Tearing Me Up (22:15)
  8. ODESZA – Line Of Sight (feat. WYNNE & Mansionair) (28:30)
  9. Little Dragon – The Pop Life (32:30)
  10. PLGRMS – Dream You Up (36:05)
  11. Prelow – Guitar Beat (40:00)
  12. Fruit Bats – Humbug Mountain Song (43:30)
  13. Thing-one – Slaying Flies (46:30)
  14. From Kid – Walk In Company (51:00)
  15. Bear’s Den – Writing On The Wall (54:15)
  16. Banfi – Rosedale House (58:30)
  17. The Rural Alberta Advantage – Beacon Hill (1:03:00)
  18. Drama – Forever’s Gone (1:06:00)
  19. Dyan – What Fiction Is For (1:09:45)
  20. Promisor – Nebular (1:14:20)
  21. ODESZA – Late Night (1:20:00)
  22. Lupa J – Put Me Back Together (1:23:40)
  23. Jaymes Young – Stoned On You (1:28:40)
  24. Berdmajik – The First Time (1:31:20)
  25. Fleet Foxes – Third Of May Ōdaigahar (1:35:25)
  1. josh says:

    awsome! love it here%

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