The Breakdown Episode 112

Posted: April 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Alt-J, The Kite String Tangle, Sylvan Esso, Cold War Kids, BOO SEEKA, Theme Park, Lincoln Jesser and Ten Fé.

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Welcome back to the Breakdown, yo. Where you can have all the best new and newish underground catchy-ass tunes dug up and delivered to your ears for free! As always, life with a day job and a social life gets in the way of this being a more regular podcast, but as always, we promise each episode is worth the wait!

We have some pretty big names returning with new stuff this time around, and some smaller ones and as always, some fresh faces.

The biggest name is the one and only Alt-J, the trio of British weirdo’s who delivered one of the albums of our generation back in 2012 with the groundbreaking An Awesome Wave. Like most bands that drop once-in-a-generation albums on debut, they’ve since struggled to live up to the standard they set early on, with only one song from their second album being up to that standard. That standard will always keep us listening to their material however. The first single from their 3rd album, Relaxer, called 3WW was kinda boring and quiet, but the second song, In Cold Blood, has a lot more swagger to it, and hence made the cut in this episode.

Some other big or biggish names returning include Sylvan Esso, The Kite String Tangle, BOO SEEKA, Cold War Kids, Sleepmakeswaves, Theme Park, and Lincoln Jesser.

Some of the other songs definitely worth not missing are well, as always, the first 10 or so. If you’re strapped for time, get around them, or hell, download the whole thing and take it with ya!

Hoping this epic life soundtrack finds you happy, fat, and warm, wherever you are in this fine world :)



Artist – Song Title (Start time)

  1. Island Apollo – Hold It Down (00:00)
  2. White Jackets – 68 (04:00)
  3. Charlie Cunningham – Minimum (07:30)
  4. Sylvan Esso – Die Young (10:51)
  5. Saint Mesa – Imagination (14:25)
  6. The Kite String Tangle – Selfish (18:00)
  7. Doc Robinson – Golden Daze (21:35)
  8. Sleepmakeswaves – Midnight Sun (25:00)
  9. flor – send my love (31:00)
  10. Alt-J – In Cold Blood (34:30)
  11. Sticky Fingers – No Divide (38:00)
  12. Leon Else – The City Don’t Care (42:45)
  13. Absofacto – Light Outside (46:40)
  14. Freedom Fry – Junkie (50:10)
  15. Arlie – Big Fat Mouth (54:20)
  16. PLS&TY – Good Vibes (ft. Cosmos & Creature) (58:00)
  17. Cosmos & Creature – Young (1:00:45)
  18. BOO SEEKA – Does This Last (1:04:00)
  19. isle&fever – Dime Piece (Josef Kenny Remix) (1:07:30)
  20. We Draw a – Tears From the Sun (1:13:45)
  21. Theme Park – You Are Real (1:18:50)
  22. Cold War Kids – So Tied Up (ft. Bishop Briggs) (1:22:30)
  23. Lincoln Jesser – Baby Boy (ft. Yuna) (1:25:40)
  24. Ten Fé – Don’t Forget (1:29:45)
  25. Little Dragon – High (1:35:10)

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