The Breakdown Episode 108

Posted: November 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Bonobo, The xx, Electric Guest, Glass Animals, Tender, Seekae and Tycho.


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Welcome to the latest edition of the best new music emerging around the world! We have quite the bunch of returning heavyweights gracing our ears in this episode which is always exciting, especially when their new music is good! We also have some absolute bombs from previously unheard of acts too. This episode is a particularly strong one so strap in and get ready to have your mind blown!

We’ve started out with 3 total newbies, all of which are senfuckingsational in their own right. Drama are a duo from Chicago in the states, and their song hopes up is just beautiful. It really captivated me on a recent trip to New York City, where witnessing the Trump protests and the hope and fight being exuded by most of the New Yorkers really, well, got my Hopes Up

We move onto a tune which will instantly pique your interest with their choice of riff. The group, THEY., have taken the exact riff from Nirvana’s Polly in crafting their wares. The similarity in guitar chordage is where the similarity ends, however. This song is fucking unreal. While I think they could have pulled it off without using the exact riff, the fact that I like this tune much more than Polly speaks volumes as to how well they’ve pulled it off. Them words not be minced, being a Nirvana tragic from back in the day.

Another beauty comes from the UK’s Youngr. His tune Out Of My System speaks of the need to live life to the fullest while you’re young. The lyrics – “Before the world gets serious, and go buy my shirt and tie, I need to access all areas, work on my chat up lines. So give me the girls, give me the girls, give me the beach and the sunshine. Yeah I’m on a mission, tryin to get it all out of my system” – I’m sure speak to a lot of people. I wish all of you the best in navigating through your yearning for true freedom and exhilarating experiences. But I have no doubt that in the end we will all arrive at the same conclusion: There is no getting it out. It’s in there for good. It’s how you engineer your life to accommodate the need to be human that matters. This is the only way to set a pathway to true happiness.

We also have brand new tunes from some of our favourite bands from the golden era of 2011/2012. Bonobo is following up his 2013 LP North Borders, which didn’t quite grab us in the same way as his 2010 masterpiece, Black Sands did. This new tune, Kerala, harks back to the Black Sands sounds, which is greatly exciting us.

Also gracing us is new music from the brilliant Electric Guest and The xx. These are big releases, make no mistake. These come with new releases from other previous Breakdown favourites Seekae, Tender and Tycho.

It is quite the collection of new music, rest assured. So put it on and do what you love to do. If you like it, scream it from the bleachers like a crazy person. Or, you could just share it with your social media networks! Til next time xoxo



Artist – Song Title (Start time)

  1. Drama – Hopes Up (00:00)
  2. THEY. – Rather Die (03:30)
  3. Youngr – Out Of My System (07:00)
  4. Glass Animals – Poplar St (10:30)
  5. Pluto – Imaginary Friends (Pluto Remix) (14:50)
  6. Couros – Breathe A·gain (18:05)
  7. Palace – Can’t Stop (ft. GodWolf) (22:15)
  8. Bonobo – Kerala (26:00)
  9. The xx – On Hold (30:00)
  10. Electric Guest – Dear To Me (33:45)
  11. Air Zaïre – Ivy (Air Zaïre Remix) (37:45)
  12. Frost – Better Of Lonely (43:40)
  13. Parcels – Gamesofluck (49:30)
  14. Tender – Outside (55:20)
  15. Groves – Do You Feel (59:30)
  16. Glass Animals – Cane Shuga (1:04:00)
  17. Seekae – Turbine Blue (1:07:20)
  18. Shy Girls – Trivial Motion (1:11:00)
  19. Sol x Auralponic – Mystery (1:15:15)
  20. Tycho – Horizon (1:18:50)
  21. North Downs – Nothin’ (1:23:00)
  22. isle&fever – Keep On (1:28:00)
  23. Liv Dawson – Still (1:33:30)
  24. Romare – Je T’aime (1:37:25)
  25. Hunters Of The Alps – Time (1:44:20)

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