The Breakdown Episode 107

Posted: October 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Glass Animals, STRFKR, Jagwar Ma, Glades, Kidnap Kid, TEN FÉ and Mr Little Jeans.


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Buongiorno music fiends and friends. The latest episode of the best new music podcast features, surprisingly enough, some of the most killer new music kicking around out there.

Headlining it all is the new album by British weirdo’s Glass  Animals. Entitled How to Be a Human Being, it is everything we came to love them for on their 2014 debut Zaba, and a little more. HTBAHB features all the gooey, icky, drippyness of Zaba, but with an added upbeat, care-free and cheeky bounce to it.

Aussie act Jagwar Ma are also back with a follow up to their 2013 masterpiece Howlin. It’s called Every Now & Then, and while it’s nowhere near as good as Howlin, that was definitely a pretty high bar they set. The new album carries their signature sound, employs the same genius songwriting, and even delves into the all too familiar extended periods of acid induced repetitive glory; however it still doesn’t quite carry the sheer number of moments of brilliance. Maybe it’s because we’re now already familiar with that sound. Either way we’re still huge fans of the Ma.

That about wraps it up for albums… it must seem from the outside we are naturally progressing away from albums and more towards standout single tunes. To those who pose this question, we ask you to view it like a cream skimmer. As the average quality of the shared songs increases, less songs from albums qualify for the episode. The best song or couple of songs from each album rises to the top, allowing the Breakdown to come in and skim them from the top. Yum. There were actually quite a few highlights on the Glass Animals album however, and a couple of us were lucky and smart enough to go see them live in Vancouver last week. A great show it was.

This episode sees us continue our love affairs with a couple of favourites, one from a couple years back in Norway’s Mr Little Jeans; Aussies Godwolf and Glades; and Brits TEN FÉ, who have returned a second beautiful ballad in quick time.

The rest are all delicious, wonderful noobs that are well worth your time diving into. It’s another really strong episode that you need to crank at your next dinner party.

Til next time xoxo



Artist – Song Title (Start time)

  1. Glass Animals – Life Itself (00:00)
  2. Kidnap Kid – Moments (feat. Leo Stannard) (04:40)
  3. Christa Vi – Futureproof (Russ Chimes remix) (09:45)
  4. STRFKR – Open Your Eyes (16:15)
  5. TEN FÉ – Elodie (20:00)
  6. Jadu Heart – Late Night (25:10)
  7. Glades – Skylines (28:40)
  8. FERDIN&ND – Your Love (32:10)
  9. Darondo – Didn’t I (Adyx Remix) (35:30)
  10. Jagwar Ma – O B 1 (41:00)
  11. Mr Little Jeans – Stitches (46:20)
  12. GodWolf – Feels Right (50:00)
  13. Luca Musto – Try Her (54:30)
  14. Glass Animals – Pork Soda (58:10)
  15. Wet Leather – Secret Preference (1:02:30)
  16. Cape Cub – Lifeline (1:06:00)
  17. Jagwar Ma – Batter Up (1:09:30)
  18. Slowes – Something Special (1:12:40)
  19. Fhin – Those Waves (RYI Remix) (1:16:10)
  20. Parra for Cuva (ft. Nieve) – Devi (1:21:00)
  21. Gone in the Sun – Coming Alive (1:27:30)
  22. Kauf – Key To Life (1:30:50)
  23. Little Oceans – Peace (1:35:20)
  24. Klyne – Water Flow (1:39:15)
  25. Ah Trees – Team Sports (1:43:00)

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