The Breakdown’s Top 100 Songs of 2017

Posted: January 25, 2018 in Uncategorized

Each year we release an alternative top 100 countdown of the year’s best songs…

Think of it as a thinking persons countdown, that holds a flame to the glory days of the pre-2009 JJJ Hottest 100, when, in our opinion, it was f… awesome. This one is subjective, so not everyone will love everything on it, but we make a real attempt to include only catchy, crowd-pleasing, awesome tunes. At the very least we think it will be as good as the real one. Not every song in here was released in 2017 either, but the vast majority are.

Bear in mind this list is a ‘countup’, not a ‘countdown’, ie. it goes from number 1 to 100 (so you get all the greatest awesome first).


Stream it via Spotify:

  1. Jozanne Louw says:

    Can we download an MP3 of the playlist ?

    • Unfortunately not at this stage. I’m out of space on the WordPress allowance for data, and would prefer not to delete older episodes!

      • Jozanne Louw says:

        Ah – such a pity, In South Africa, data and streaming live is still an issue – I love your playlists and we save the mp3’s for uniterrupted music. Let me know if you are willing to share it on a different platform, perhaps deviding them into 4 parts like you did on previous years. Thanks!

      • I see. I think it’s a similar situation in Australia, internet data allowances are woefully inadequate. Thanks for the support, if I knew there was a big interest I would potentially look into doing it. It’s quite time consuming and as you know, this is a labor of love, it makes me no income, so finding time can be hard. I’m about to release episode 122, it’s a cracker, hope you enjoy it!

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