The Breakdown Episode 143

Posted: August 14, 2020 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Gardens and Villa, Booka Shade, Half Moon Run, Tia Gostelow, Mystery Jets, Future Islands, Diamond Thug and Cosmo’s Midnight.

This episode features some amazing new music – funny that – otherwise why would I still be enjoying this so much? Foremost of the pile being an absolute banger from British buzzie LAUREL. The name of the tune – Scream Drive Faster – is actually quite fitting. Established Aussie artists Tia Gostelow and Breakdown favourites Holy Holy have also teamed up to bring us a nugget of indie pop genius.

There is, as usual, a healthy smattering of electronic journeys for your ears to head off on, as well. Cosmo’s Midnight, Real Lies, and the ever reliable Booka Shade have you covered in that department.

I’m also excited about the return to form of a couple of my previously much-loved artists, whom in my eyes fell by the wayside for a little bit there. Gardens and Villa, along with Half Moon Run, were two of my favourite bands in the 2012-2014 era. After a few disappointing releases they are both back to the songwriting quality we became accustomed to.

To round it out, please make sure you put on repeat the heartbreaking ballad Edithvale, by brand new face Bec Sykes. She has stormed onto the “cry song” scene with this unbelievably stunning track. I hear she has been working with one of my favourite artists – Tom Iansek – a stalwart of the “cry song” genre, and I am not surprised. Genius begets genius it would seem.


Stream it in podcast format here:


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Download the MP3 of the file here: The Indie Electro Breakdown Episode 143




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