The Breakdown Episode 123

Posted: June 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Cloud Control, Lane 8, RUFUS, The Glitch Mob, Jungle, Ocean Alley, Lord Huron, Step Rockets, and Slum Sociable.

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Hello music friends. It’s been a while. I’ve been on many an adventure since last we spoke, accompanied by a dope ass soundtrack! Let it be yours for the next little while.

This episode is almost entirely dominated by artists we have previously featured and loved, which is exciting, as just about every release is as excellent as we have come to expect.

The most exciting for us, has to be Australia’s Cloud Control. Please forgive us, as this is so late. Their album, Zone, was released in September last year, and fuck it, I damn near considered giving The Breakdown away when I realised I’d missed an album by these guys. Not really, but I was obscenely disappointed in myself. One of the most understated, supremely talented, and ultra-consistently good bands of the past decade, these guys are trippers, and would not know how to write a boring song if they tried. I am obsessed with a number of songs from this album and will be featuring most of them over coming episodes, because, better late than never!

We’re also still enjoying fantastic albums from Ocean Alley, No Mono, and Lord Huron. These are all sensational albums and thoroughly worth purchasing. In fact, 2018 is shaping as the best year for complete albums since 2014, a year where we placed a little Aussie duo by the name of Flight Facilities at number 1. They have been teasing us with new music of late, and we are super excited by this. There are also continual leakages of new tunes from perennial Breakdown favourites  RUFUS, Jungle, Step Rockets, Bravestation and  Mansionair.

The entire playlist is littered with single bombs from newbies as always too, and most of them are A-grade in this episode.

This is indeed a wonderful time to be a fan of good music, as unlike the rest of the world, good things just keep on happening, and its only getting better. Let’s just hope we still have the internet when we’re all living in bomb shelters hehe.

Enjoy this excellent collection of tunes, and if you do, be sure to put it on and help these artists find their voice. Until next episode, peace and love!


**See Spotify plugin above for tracklisting**


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