The Breakdown Episode 119

Posted: December 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Holy Holy, Arcade Fire, Wild Cub, The War On Drugs, No Mono, British India, Slenderbodies and Flight Facilities.

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Download the MP3 of the file here: The Indie Electro Breakdown Episode 119


Welcome to a long overdue episode of The Breakdown. Yes, we’re still doing it! But life is busy, and unpaid projects have been taking a little backseat… Rest assured we will never stop exploring the musical landscape, there just may be some time between episodes. This one is definitely worth the wait, with some absolute jams contained within.

We’re still enjoying the releases coming from the collaboration of Tom Iansek, of Big Scary and #1 Dads, and his vocalist buddy Tom Snowdon. They’ve joined forces to bring us their new band No Mono. Included is their second song, a crazy ethereal vocal journey entitled Violence Broken.

Some other albums still being enjoyed come in the form of album of the year A Deeper Understanding, by modern genii The War On Drugs; the evergreen Arcade Fire’s significant improvement from 2013’s Reflektor, latest release Everything Now; Wild Cub’s newbie Closer; a couple from Australian Holy Holy, who have a couple of solid tracks in Paint, an otherwise underwhelming follow up to their great 2015 album When the Storms Would Come; the laid back and highly inventive Slum Sociable; and All Them Witches.

We also take in fantastic new singles from Slenderbodies; Flight Facilities; IAMJJ; Dancing On Tables; HAWAI; and the one and only Pretty Lights.

All in all it’s a pretty sweet soundtrack to your life for the next little while. Hope everyone enjoys this collection of delicious treats.


**See Spotify plugin above for tracklisting**

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