The Breakdown Episode 115

Posted: July 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from The Jungle Giants, Crooked Colours, Freedom Fry, Absofacto, The War On Drugs, Yoke Lore, Yeo, and Filous.

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Ermagerd. This episode is sahhh freakin dope.

Ok, sorry, but really, this one is good. Well done on finding your way here. You sir, are true musical pioneer.

This episode sees a lot of artists that have graced this blog returning with new material. A couple of albums that we’re excited to check out among there as well. Aussie mad dogs Crooked Colours and Yeo both have brand new albums that we will be exploring in coming episodes.

Crooked Colours is a particularly interesting case. We first became aware of and enamoured with these 2 dudes from Perth around 6 or 7 years ago, with their incredible banger Anywhere, which is one of our favourite songs of this decade, and was the very first music video we uploaded to our hugely popular YouTube Channel. They have continued to make music over the years, which we have hungrily devoured along the way. However they never released a full length album until this year. It’s called Vera, and we’re excited to see if they have developed their sound further down the path of the grimey, drippy, drug-hazed, yet still full of swagger jams that they tend to churn out these days; as opposed to the soaring, uplifting feel they used to command in the 2011 era.

New material from The Jungle Giants, The War On Drugs, Absofacto and  filous also has us amped to continue our friendships with these talented groups.

Generally speaking, this is very strong collection of songs, so feel confident to throw it on at your next dinner party, poker game, Catan or Risk night; or even at work!

Til next time, enjoy the tunes while making the most of every day.



Artist – Song Title (Start time)

  1. The Jungle Giants – On Your Way Down (00:00)
  2. Absofacto – Endless Summer (03:45)
  3. Yoke Lore – Goodpain (07:00)
  4. Freedom Fry – Brave (Freedom Fry Remix) (11:00)
  5. Yeo – Chasing Shadows (ft. Fractures) (15:00)
  6. Crooked Colours – Plymouth (18:40)
  7. Vanguards – Rosie & The Blackheart (22:15)
  8. The Money War – Right Kind Of Love (25:40)
  9. Leif Erikson – Get Free (28:40)
  10. Lazy Ghost – Blue Moon (31:40)
  11. Pish – Crime (36:00)
  12. Beeches Beeches – Redline (39:30)
  13. Lost Cousins – Quarters (42:40)
  14. Dream Vacation – Thin World (45:45)
  15. Taylor Knox – Running into Love (49:00)
  16. Moonweather – Heads Up (53:00)
  17. The War On Drugs – Holding On (57:00)
  18. filous – Knots (ft. klei) (1:02:15)
  19. Elohim – She Talks Too Much (Gosh Pith Remix) (1:04:45)
  20. Baby Strange – Young Team (1:07:50)
  21. Hunck – Little Woman (1:10:40)
  22. Courtship – Perfect People (1:13:45)
  23. Syn Cole ft. Nevve – Sway (1:17:00)
  24. Sure Sure – Friends (1:20:00)
  25. Autograf – You Might Be (ft. Lils) (1:22:35)

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