The Breakdown Episode 109

Posted: December 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Kishi Bashi, Drunken Masters, Jagwar Ma, Glass Animals, Fil Bo Riva, George Maple and Milky Chance.


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Cheers for joining us for the latest round of the ultimate best new tunes emerging around the world!

This episode is yet another epic musical journey, bringing us a plethora of fresh faces, while continuing our love affairs with some old favourites.

We need to point out right here, first up, just how good the recent albums by Glass Animals and Jagwar Ma are. Talk about top 5 albums of the year! Glass Animals’ sophomore LP How To Be A Human Being is a shoe in for the top album of the year. Combining beautiful prose delivered in a manic, sanity-bereft fashion, with extremely skilled and yet equally weird musicianship, it is just a treat for the ears and the imagination. I feel like they are on the verge of becoming one of those Yeasayer-esque once-in-a-decade weird, yet beautifully inventive bands. Just treat yourself and get the album.

Jagwar Ma have done devastatingly well with their second album Every Now & Then. I was lucky enough to catch them touring the album while in New York City recently, and what a great night it was.

We’re also becoming familiar with another beautifully weird album in Kishi Bashi’s third album Sonderlust. Give us some time with this one, but have a bite of the standout song Can’t Let Go, Juno. My god it’s good.

Other standout anthems worth diving into come from George Maple and Drunken Masters, whose tune might we add features Portugal. The Man, a legend in his own right.

We also take in German sensation Milky Chance’s new tune. It’s a good’un.

Hope you enjoy taking in these tunes as much as we did finding them and putting them together for you.



Artist – Song Title (Start time)

  1. Jagwar Ma – Ordinary (00:00)
  2. Glass Animals – Youth (04:10)
  3. Kishi Bashi – Can’t Let Go, Juno (08:10)
  4. Foreign Fields – I (12:20)
  5. Drunken Masters – Louder (ft. Portugal. The Man) (16:30)
  6. George Maple – Lover (20:00)
  7. Fil Bo Riva – Franzis (23:40)
  8. Otis English – Young Kids, Old Love (27:50)
  9. Milky Chance – Cocoon (31:00)
  10. Fitz and The Tantrums – Handclap (35:10)
  11. Mating Ritual – Cold (38:25)
  12. Mantua – Feel The Wheels (43:20)
  13. Yoke Lore – Hold Me Down (46:40)
  14. Telling – New Love (51:10)
  15. I Know Leopard – Rather Be Lonely (55:20)
  16. Owen Rabbit – Oh My God (59:15)
  17. Youth Club – Breathe (1:02:10)
  18. Zimmer – Lost Your Mind (ft. Fhin) (1:05:30)
  19. Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam – In a Blackout (1:02:20)
  20. filous – Let It Snow (1:13:40)

21 The Tapes – You Know It’s Real (1:17:05)

  1. French79 – Diamond Veins (1:21:30)
  2. Bam Spacey – Avstand Och Skog (1:25:30)
  3. The Mary Onettes – Juna (1:30:20)
  4. Two Door Cinema Club – Are We Ready (1:34:10)

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