The Breakdown Episode 106

Posted: September 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Glass Animals, Gypsy And The Cat, Roosevelt, Caveman, Bravestation, Dilistone, Midnight Faces and Promises Ltd.


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To download the mp3 file, right click and “save link as” here: the-indie-electro-breakdown-episode-106


Well, it has been a little while, hey…. Worth the wait, however methinks. There are some goddamn killer tunes in this episode, giving you the dopest soundtrack to transition into fall with.

We start off with a couple of modern ballads that should ease you beautifully into the episode. Bear in mind both are highlight tracks of the entire episode so be sure to listen from the second you hit play.

We then take in a tune that has one of the most dramatic changes in tack since Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out. Promises Ltd. get you in the mood for a dreamy bass laden journey before pulling a swifty and speeding things up, changing up the entire dynamic of the song.

We’ve also got the highlight track from perennial indie pop stalwarts Gypsy & the Cat’s new album, leading into a couple more established Breakdown contributors in Canada’s calypso pop wonders Bravestation; and the UK’s Glass Animals, whose recently released LP How To Be a Human Being continues their beautiful, unique weirdness that endeared them to us with their debut, Zaba.

Two Feet also warrant recognition with their delightful bassy, sneaky, stoner-vibe laden tunes. If you put their song Go Fuck Yourself on nice and loud, you just can’t help but remember back to that time you first heard Alt-J, before everyone else knew about them, and had that realisation “these guys are going to be huge”.

There are actually in truth, quite a lot more “weird” bands than the average Breakdown episode. “Weird” intended in a positive connotation, knowing that you call bands like Yeasayer, Alt-J, and Glass Animals weird. Perhaps “genius beyond the mortal music consumer’s comprehension” better fits, albeit slightly more long winded. To go along with Glass Animals new song, and the aforementioned Two Feet tracks, we can throw into that same basket the songs from Allan Rayman, Fil Bo Riva, and D. D Dumbo. All just exquisite musical experiences that must be heard more than read about (go listen to them!)

And then for those that enjoy, spark up around the end of track 13 and let the next little run of 4-5 songs take you on a deep, dark, incredibly satisfying journey. DAYUM that Kodak To Graph remix is wonderful.

We hope you’re killing it wherever you are and enjoy this wonderful soundtrack to the next few weeks of your life, as much as we enjoyed making it for you.

Love and hugs



Artist – Song Title (Start time)

  1. TEN FÉ – Turn (00:00)
  2. Midnight Faces – Feeling Like a Stranger (03:00)
  3. Promises Ltd. – American Eyes (07:00)
  4. Gypsy And The Cat – Paris (11:40)
  5. Act As If – All the Girls (15:40)
  6. Two Feet – Go Fuck Yourself (19:20)
  7. Glass Animals – The Other Side Of Paradise (21:30)
  8. Bravestation – 13th Floor (26:50)
  9. Graham Colton – Ring Around Your Heart (30:00)
  10. Allan Rayman – Much Too Much (33:00)
  11. D.D Dumbo – Walrus (37:00)
  12. Caveman – All My Life (40:15)
  13. Roosevelt – Belong (44:40)
  14. Hundred Waters – Xtalk (Kodak To Graph remix) (48:40)
  15. Dilistone – Move On (53:15)
  16. Pional – Casualty (56:10)
  17. Two Feet – Her Life (1:01:15)
  18. Fil Bo Riva – Like Eye Did (1:04:00)
  19. Racing Glaciers – Seems Like a Good Time (1:08:00)
  20. Tom Grennan – Something In the Water (1:11:35)
  21. Caveman – Lean On You (1:15:00)
  22. American Wrestlers – Give Up (1:18:30)
  23. The Nursery – She Speaks the Wave (1:21:50)
  24. Sundara Karma – She Said (1:25:40)
  25. MIYNT – Cool (1:29:30)

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