The Breakdown Episode 104

Posted: July 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Metronomy, Flamingo, Caveman, Yumi Zouma, Girl Friend, Roosevelt, Poupee F, Step Rockets and astronomyy.


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Hello musically inclined friends and welcome to the best new music podcast out there. This episode is a cut above the rest, so we are quite excited to share all this amazing music with you!

Headlining it all is Caveman’s latest album, Otero War. As was mentioned in the last  episode, they have teased us all year with individually released songs from the album. We are happy to tell you that the finished product does not disappoint! This album is far and away their most complete, most polished and high quality release. Expect it to challenge for the number 1 spot in The Breakdown’s albums of the year at year’s end!

English genre-creator Metronomy is also back with a new album, entitled Summer 08. We were reasonably disappointed in his last album, Love Letters, and so are looking forward to diving into this new one, knowing that he is too good to drop the ball permanently. The first track that we have sampled from Summer 08, entitled Night Owl, is fantastic, so we are hoping the whole album can live up to it.

Adelaide, Australia four-piece Flamingo have dropped another bomb on us. At Sea is a super awesome jam and a sweet accompaniment to your summer activities. These guys have become a really consistently good band; and have yet to release a song that we don’t like here at The Breakdown. Keep it up lads!

In our true style, most of our featured songs are single releases, and there are quite a number worth highlighting this episode. the first would have to be Poupée F, a very little known Ukrainian four-piece who have been sending us their tunes for a few years now. Recently they dropped Paelgris arveria, a 7 minute epic, that rollicks through multiple powerful and technically brilliant stages, reminiscent of those 70’s epics from the likes of Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull. It really has to be seen to be believed. Check out their live video on YouTube and buy the song. Their appearance will possibly surprise you as well ;)

High Water’s song Changed The Locks is a beautiful, dark, painful, wistful, raw, emotional journey, albeit with plenty of swagger. Get around it, it’s amazing.

Within the episode lurks a couple of excellent remixes. One of them is of a long-time favourite of ours, Step Rockets. Cheerleader have taken their already rad song, West Coast, and given it a real bouncy flavour. British counterparts Louis la Roche and Girl Friend have come together to give us a wicked synthy anthem with the tune Hello Stranger.

We could carry on about every song, but will just assure you that the entire episode is highly worth listening to. All killer, no filler. Get around it!

See you soon xo



Artist – Song Title (Start time)

  1. Girl Friend – Hello Stranger (Louis la Roche remix) (00:00)
  2. Flamingo – At Sea (03:30)
  3. Caveman – On My Own (07:00)
  4. Metronomy – Night Owl (10:45)
  5. Mike Candys & Evelyn – Summer Dream (14:10)
  6. Roosevelt – Fever (17:00)
  7. Step Rockets – West Coast (Cheerleader Remix) (21:30)
  8. Poupee F – paelgris arveria (25:00)
  9. Stalking Gia – Second Nature (32:50)
  10. High Water – Changed The Locks (37:00)
  11. astronomyy – Into U (42:10)
  12. astronomyy – Not Into U (46:00)
  13. Theme Park – Amazing Dancer (50:25)
  14. Oyster Kids – Lips (53:50)
  15. Softer Still – New Age (56:50)
  16. Loud Forest – There You Are (1:00:20)
  17. Tom Speight – Falling (1:02:50)
  18. Yumi Zouma – Short Truth (1:06:15)
  19. Father John Misty – Real Love Baby (1:10:00)
  20. Young Mister – Anybody Out There (1:13:20)
  21. Pines – Calling You (1:17:00)
  22. MÖWE – Sunshine (1:20:45)
  23. of Montreal – It’s Different For Girls (1:25:10)
  24. Alex Lahey – You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me (1:29:00)
  25. grmm – Something From Nothing (ft. Quinn) (1:33:00)

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