The Breakdown Episode 101

Posted: April 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Caveman, GIVERS, BESTiE, Gypsy & The Cat, Step Rockets, The Lumineers, Frightened Rabbit, Marcus Marr & Chet Faker, Poliça, and Of Monsters And Men.


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High fives to another sweet episode of The Breakdown. Apologies once again for how long it’s taken. Truth be told, the music has been ready for a couple of weeks, there has just been no time to put it all together! This will become a thing of the past if plans work out, however!

We have lots and lots of Breakdown favourites returning with new material, plus a whole host of incredibly boundary pushing newbies in the mix. We find it funny; the most boundary pushing band of the last decade, Yeasayer, has just released a new album, and yet we couldn’t find any songs on the album to feature in this episode. And yet, there are an overabundance of Yeasayer-esque artists on this episode… hmmm.

The highlight of this crop of artists is GIVERS. Hailing from the deep south of the USA, their debut album New Kingdom is brilliant. Admittedly, it was released last November, so please forgive us, but you will be happy we found it at all, trust us. There will be a few more tracks from this bad boy over coming episodes, as it appears there is no weak spot in the record. Another of these cool new artists we found is TW Walsh, so get around his song Shallow Water.

Our favourite band that personally sends us material, Step Rockets, have a debut EP that has just hit the streets. It’s called Future Nature, be sure to give it some love, as it is a quality release.

We continue to be impressed with every release from the forthcoming Caveman record, Otero War, as well. Due to drop this summer, it should be a banger, as they are 3 for 3 awesome tracks in the pre-release.

Some of our previous favourites with new material include Gypsy & The Cat, BESTiE, The Lumineers, M83, Of Monsters And Men, Frightened Rabbit and Poliça.

Enjoy this collection of great forward thinking music. This is the way the music scene is heading, friends, and it’s exciting.



Artist – Song Title (Start time)

  1. Caveman – 80 West (00:00)
  2. GIVERS – Bermuda (04:40)
  3. Haarm – Foxglove (09:10)
  4. TW Walsh – Shallow Water (12:20)
  5. Gypsy & The Cat – I Just Wanna Be (15:45)
  6. Mickey Kojak – Move Too Fast (18:50)
  7. Julian Bachlow – Family Ties (24:00)
  8. BESTiE – Bae (26:50)
  9. Operators – Cold Light (31:00)
  10. Step Rockets – Chances (34:10)
  11. Face+Heel – Pier Video (38:00)
  12. Foreign Air – In The Shadows (42:05)
  13. Silent Rider & Camille Corazón – Black Crown (46:00)
  14. GIVERS – Growls (50:15)
  15. Blowsom – Pantoufle (55:30)
  16. Maribou State – Manila (58:50)
  17. Marcus Marr & Chet Faker – Killing Jar (1:02:00)
  18. Blisss – Badcat (1:09:15)
  19. You Won’t – Ya Ya Ya (1:13:15)
  20. The Lumineers – Cleopatra (1:16:15)
  21. Hudson Scott – Clay (1:19:30)
  22. Frightened Rabbit – Get Out (1:23:25)
  23. Poliça – Someway (1:26:45)
  24. Of Monsters And Men – Black Water (1:30:10)
  25. M83 – Walkway Blues (ft. Jordan Lalor) (1:34:30)

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