The Breakdown Episode 99

Posted: February 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Caveman, The Lumineers, Yeasayer, Damien Jurado, Neonderthal, and Roosevelt.



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What an episode we have here! Well done on finding your way here. You have an hour and half of pure listening pleasure ahead of you.

As it stands, we are eagerly waiting on new albums to drop from established heavyweights Yeasayer, Miike Snow, POLIÇA, The Lumineers and Caveman. This is an impressive list of artists to say the least. Knowing that we have new music from these brilliant, proven bands to dissolve into in the coming months is very exciting. They have all been releasing little tidbits over the last while, teasing us. What we have heard so far from all of them is just cause for said excitement. As you well know, we love it when great bands release new music and it is up to the standard they originally set. This holds especially true for Miike Snow, who let us down horribly with their second album, Happy To You. Everything we’ve heard from III sounds fantastic, which we are stoked about.

We’re still really enjoying Neonderthal as well, hoping to hear more from them with their fantastic original sounding songwriting style.

We must sincerely apologise for breaking one of our cardinal rules – including old music! We recently stumbled across Rilo Kiley and were dismayed to learn their sweet song Dreamworld is from 2007. It’s dope, so apologies to those who already knew it from back in the day!

We also take in an epic new tune from Ennui, which features one of our favourite current artists – Glasgow, Scotland based Tongues. There are also fantastic new beats from FEiN (“Daddy I don’t wanna grow up anyway, grown-ups are all sad”… there’s some truth!), Airways, Stereopol, Pleasure Beach, Ten Fe and Damien Jurado.

Basically the whole episode is great. Put it on and bliss out…!


Artist – Song Title (Start time)

  1. Caveman – Never Going Back (00:00)
  2. FEiN – #Grownupz (03:00)
  3. The Lumineers – Ophelia (06:45)
  4. Neonderthal – Running My Mind (09:25)
  5. Ennui – Escape (ft. Tongues.) (13:00)
  6. Airways – Ghost Town (16:00)
  7. Stereopol – Claymore (19:30)
  8. Yeasayer – I Am Chemistry (24:00)
  9. Pleasure Beach – Go (29:35))
  10. FMLYBND – Space and Time (34:10)
  11. Maya Payne – Breathe Again (38:00)
  12. Secret Weapons – Something New (Haerts remix) (41:40)
  13. Damien Jurado – Exit 353 (45:20)
  14. Ten Fe – In The Air (48:30)
  15. BLØSH – When Love Is Alive (53:45)
  16. Roosevelt – Montreal (57:10)
  17. Stella – Works For You (1:01:00)
  18. Rilo Kiley – Dreamworld (1:03:35)
  19. Her Magic Wand – Draw A Line (1:08:20)
  20. Tender – Lost (1:12:50)
  21. Night Knight – Set It On Fire (1:17:20)
  22. Imagined Herbal Flows – Evolve (1:22:40)
  23. Concrete Disco – Time Travel (1:25:50)
  24. Backwater – Distance (1:31:00)
  25. LVL UP – The Closing Door (1:35:10)


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