The Breakdown Episode 97

Posted: January 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Poliḉa, Boo Seeka, Miike Snow, Tongues., Coyote Kisses, Alberta Cross, RAC, City Calm Down and Half Moon Run.


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Hello to music lovers one and all. Another epic collection of the best new music awaits your ears with this episode. Once again, it’s been longer than we anticipated between episodes, however we have been pumping out some themed playlists of late. Our Baked in Front of the Fire playlist is sensational and everyone should check it out here.

As far as this episode is concerned, we have the usual smattering of new and returning artists. The biggest talking point this time around is probably Scando / American outfit Miike Snow’s latest tune Genghis Khan, taken from their forthcoming third studio album, III. We mentioned last episode how nervous we are about III, with Miike’s self-titled debut album probably featuring in our top 10 albums of all time, and their second album, Happy To You, being absolute rubbish. So far, so good with III, Genghis Khan is a cool tune, and maintains the easy going indie pop vibe that we loved about the debut.

Some of the more significant returning artists featured this episode include Australia’s Boo Seeka and City Calm Down; Americans Poliḉa and RAC; Brits Alberta Cross; Canadians Half Moon Run and Scotland’s Tongues.

The rest are largely new to us, and likely to you as well, so enjoy getting to know some damn fine new music makers!

Until next time, peace and great music to all.



Artist – Song Title (Start time)

  1. City of Neon – Electric Love (00:00)
  2. DMA’s – Lay Down (03:55)
  3. Miike Snow – Genghis Khan (07:10)
  4. When Saints Go Machine – Church And Law (10:40)
  5. The Wilder Mile (Urban Contact Remix) (14:45)
  6. Poliḉa – Lime Habit (19:00)
  7. Boo Seeka – Fool (22:30)
  8. Coyote Kisses – The Deep (25:30)
  9. Jon Sine – Dawning (29:10)
  10. Tongues. – You Never Knew Me (32:20)
  11. Amassadeurs – Halos (35:20)
  12. Kytes – On The Run (MOUNT Remix) (40:50)
  13. Wild & Free – River of Nile (44:20)
  14. Mystery Jets – Telomere (49:20)
  15. Margo Guryan – California Shake (53:10)
  16. Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses (56:40)
  17. SNBRN – Beat The Sun (ft. Andrew Watt) (1:01:00)
  18. Memoryhouse – Dream Shake (1:04:10)
  19. Swimm – Belly (Fake Guns Remix) (1:07:40)
  20. Balancer – Clarity (1:11:00)
  21. Half Moon Run – I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On (1:15:00)
  22. City Calm Down – If There’s a Light On (1:18:20)
  23. RAC – Magic Hour (ft. Little Boots) (1:22:45)
  24. Andre Tajchman – Foe (1:26:45)
  25. Alberta Cross – Beneath My Love (1:30:00)

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