The Breakdown Episode 96

Posted: December 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Miike Snow, Alberta Cross, EL VY, City Calm Down, Oh Wonder, Commandeur, Dustin Tebbutt and Zola Blood.


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Welcome to the latest and greatest playlist of new and semi-new indie and electro tunes. Once again, we have a banger here, with some epic new artists and returning legends. We must apologise for the time it took getting this episode out. Admittedly, the lion’s share of the playlist has been ready to go for weeks. But the curator of this fine website, Ben, has been very busy of late; getting drunk, getting laid, camping and riding bikes all across the beautiful Australian state of Tasmania, getting ready for a permanent move back to Whistler, Canada. Many fun times and great music lay on the horizon. So there is a big sorry to music fans, but whatever, no one reads this anyway right.

The find of the last little while has to be Commandeur, a producer out of Sydney, Australia. His only two singles have been included, and both are sen-fucking-sational. They are deep, syrupy, safe-place, beautiful, well-thought-out electro love songs. You gotta get around them.

For the first time we have also acquired the full album from English duo Oh Wonder. These are the guys that released a song on the first day of each month for the last year or so and made it into an album. Well, with the songs all together, they take on another dimension altogether. Presently we have only one word for the album: wow… Just kidding! You know us, we would never let an album that is a 1 in 5 year event get away with just one word. Oh Wonder‘s music explores a delicate side of our psyche, vividly invoking emotions that are simultaneously painfully wistful and beautiful. Right the way through, this album has the ability to give one a pillar during those inevitable depths; and also to remind those of us lucky enough to be riding high, just how deep they can get. The ability to create art is an offshoot of humankind’s spirituality and ability to love; and is indeed our single redeeming quality. This album is art that really showcases that link.

Staying on the wistful and melancholy, we’ve also unearthed a beauty from Americans The Gloomies. Get at it.

The debut album from Melbourne, Aus group City Calm Down, entitled In a Restless House, is amazing. It is well worth buying. Fantastic beats throughout. There are a couple of tunes in this episode and we have earmarked a couple more for future episodes.

We’re also still taking in America based English band Alberta Cross’ self titled album. It’s not as good as their 2009 effort Broken Side of Time, but it is still very solid.

We’ve also included the new tune from US/Swedish electro-pop heavyweight Miike Snow. These guys are interesting. Their 2009 self-titled debut album probably sits in our top 10 albums of ALL TIME, it is that good, and is still that good. Their 2012 follow up, Happy To You, was, in our humble opinion, rubbish. So the first offering from their forthcoming third effort, III, a song called Heart Is Full, was received very cautiously by us. Initially, like the 2012 songs, we hated it. However, it has grown massively on us, and we now love it. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed that III is as awesome as Miike Snow was.

We also have the new tune by EL VY, the side project of Matt Berninger of The National fame. It’s just like The National. Which is awesome.

Keep safe and happy til next episode, hopefully not as long!



Artist – Song Title (Start time)

  1. Commandeur – With Me (00:00)
  2. City Calm Down – In a Restless House (04:40)
  3. Oh Wonder – Landslide (08:35)
  4. The Gloomies – Groves (12:00)
  5. Kitner – Your Memory (15:20)
  6. Miike Snow – Heart Is Full (18:00)
  7. Avid Dancer – I Feel It (21:35)
  8. Satchmode – Further Away (25:20)
  9. Alberta Cross – Get Up High (29:45)
  10. Paper Lions – Believer (35:00)
  11. Denny – Ideals (38:45)
  12. City Calm Down – Son (42:15)
  13. Zola Blood – Pieces Of The Day (45:45)
  14. Dustin Tebbutt – Silk (Ft. Thelma Plum) (50:00)
  15. Oh Wonder – Body Gold (54:00)
  16. Maala – Unbound (57:00)
  17. EL VY – It’s A Game (1:00:45)
  18. Allan Smithy – The Streets (1:05:00)
  19. Commandeur – Wasted (1:08:15)
  20. Karó – Silhouette (1:12:10)
  21. NoMBe – California Girls (1:15:40)
  22. Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Devil Like Me (1:19:20)
  23. Novo Amor – Anchor (Magical Mistakes remix) (1:22:30)
  24. Pr0files – Empty Hands (1:27:20)
  25. Still Parade – Concrete Vision (1:30:30)







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