The Breakdown Episode 95

Posted: November 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Half Moon Run, Beat Connection, San Cisco, The Paper Kites, Futurebirds, Atlas Genius, St. Lucia, Oh Wonder and Golden Features.

image 95

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Hello musical friends and congratulations on finding your way to the best new music podcast. This a particularly awesome episode which flows beautifully throughout and is guaranteed to be a fantastic listen.

We kick it off with a wicked indie pop gem from Aussies San Cisco, leading into the highlight track from the new album from the holders of our number 1 album from 2013, Half Moon Run. We’ve now had the chance to listen through quite extensively to the new album, titled Sun Leads Me On. It sucks to have to say it’s not a patch on their stunning debut – Dark Eyes. The one song we have featured here, Turn Your Love, is well up to the standard of Dark Eyes however, and that alone is enough to keep our interest in them.

We also are featuring tracks from Seattle group Beat Connection, who are a band that never set the world on fire, but just keep on dishing out quality music. Their live show is really fun too. Their latest album, Product 3, is well worth the money.

Futurebirds, our favourite indie-band-that-sometimes-sounds-like-a-country-band, have a new album out – Hotel Parties – from which we take in another cool song.

English duo Oh Wonder are also featured, having recently released their debut album; which was a culmination of a bunch of songs released on the first day of each month over the last year or so. Their songwriting sets them apart from other artists too. It’s something sort of intangible that clunky things like words aren’t really going to help out with. Just buy their self-titled debut album and let them explain what we’re talking about here.

Aussie acoustic wonders The Paper Kites have dropped a really lovely album called twelvefour. While it tends to be a little same-same over the entire course, there are some incredible moments within that make it very well worth a listen.

Returning Breakdown favourites on this episode include St. Lucia, Germany Germany, Mesita, Gang of Youths and Atlas Genius.

Standout single tracks come from Introverted Dancefloor, Dilistone, astronomyy, and the brilliant The Polish Ambassador’s side project collaboration with his wife, Wildlight.



Artist – Song Title (Start time)

  1. San Cisco – Snow (00:00)
  2. Half Moon Run – Turn Your Love (03:35)
  3. Introverted Dancefloor – Happiness Is Such A Mess (06:40)
  4. Beat Connection – Reality TV (09:30)
  5. Dilistone – Sad & High (14:00)
  6. astronomyy – Nothin On My Mind (17:15)
  7. The Paper Kites – Revelator Eyes (20:20)
  8. St. Lucia – Dancing On Glass (24:50)
  9. Royal Tongues – Chasing Down A Feeling (29:00)
  10. Alex Winston – Dead End (32:25)
  11. Germany Germany – October (36:40)
  12. LGHTNNG – Sharks (43:00)
  13. Oh Wonder – Without You (47:00)
  14. Mesita – Be The Light (50:40)
  15. City & Colour – Killing Time (54:35)
  16. Futurebirds – Rodeo (59:00)
  17. Gang of Youths – The Diving Bell (1:03:10)
  18. Beat Connection – Thought Through (1:08:00)
  19. Atlas Genius – Molecules (1:11:10)
  20. Wildlight – Crucible (1:15:45)
  21. Golden Features – Baxter (1:19:45)
  22. Tender – Belong (1:24:45)
  23. Vita Bergen – Closer Away (1:28:50)
  24. Zhu – Modern Conversation (ft. Vancouver Sleep Clinic and Daniel Johns) (1:32:30)
  25. Yotto – Wondering (ft. CAPS) (1:37:35)

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