The Breakdown Episode 94

Posted: October 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from The Paper Kites, In Hearts Wake, Bad//Dreems, Futurebirds, Atlas Genius, RUFUS, Oh Wonder, ODESZA and Golden Features.


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Welcome to the latest and greatest from the music world! Here is your bi-weekly fix of only the best new sonic landscapes emerging from around this beautiful world. This is a particularly solid episode, with plenty of beautiful ethereal sounds mixed in with plenty of indie and rock grunt.

We kick off with a beautiful tune from Aussies The Paper Kites. This is a particularly haunting and beautiful jam. We are now very interested to see what else they have to offer.

Staying in Australia, we check out the most epic cover we’ve heard in a while. When you think of a metal band covering a metal band, you would definitely never dream of the product that In Hearts Wake have come up with covering Parkway Drive. The vocals and guitar work together like tonic and gin, like peanut butter and strawberry jam, like Esteban and Zia.

Australian artists round out the opening three tracks with another banger from arguably Australia’s best present rock band, Bad // Dreems. Their songwriting holds them a step above the rest, every tune they release. Another cool rock song awaits a little later from Americans Titus Andronicus.

We also take in new tunes from some of our old favourites…

Futurebirds, our favourite indie-band-that-sometimes-sounds-like-a-country-band, have a new album out and the first taste of it – twentyseven – is sick.

Phenomenally unreal and seemingly workaholics ODESZA have a new song too. These guys are now in our opinion the hands-down best remix artists on the planet. The tune this episode is one of their own however, showcasing how well they do writing their own stuff too.

English duo Oh Wonder are also featured, having recently released their debut album; which was a culmination of a bunch of songs released on the first of each month over the last year or so. Their songwriting sets them apart from other artists too. It’s something sort of intangible that clunky things like words aren’t really going to help out with. Just buy their self-titled debut album and let them explain what we’re talking about here.

Aussie synth dance outfit RUFUS are almost ready to unleash another album on us as well. Their debut a couple years ago blew our socks off, and going off this taster, we’re about to get treated again. Woohoo.

We also sample, amid a bunch of other epic new tunes, a song from a very promising new artist in Gems. We’re looking forward to seeing what happens from here…

Please also take in the other gems in this episode, those being particularly super awesome come from How Sad, Niteppl, Death In The Afternoon and my mate Brett’s band Koke Plate.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy… until the next batch of awesomeness drops all over us.



Artist – Song Title (Start time)

  1. The Paper Kites – Electric Indigo (00:00)
  2. In Hearts Wake – Vice Grip (Parkway Drive cover) (03:45)
  3. Bad//Dreems – Hiding To Nothing (08:40)
  4. How Sad – Young Couple (12:00)
  5. Futurebirds – twentyseven (16:30)
  6. Death In The Afternoon – We Don’t Have To Go Out Tonight (20:00)
  7. Koke Plate – Caught Up In The Winds (24:20)
  8. RUFUS – Like An Animal (28:00)
  9. Niteppl – Whispers (32:00)
  10. Atlas Genius – Stockholm (36:35)
  11. Mystery Pills – Matter of Opinion (39:50)
  12. Oh Wonder – Drive (43:30)
  13. Mansionair – Speak Easy (47:00)
  14. Gems – w/o u (51:00)
  15. Zimmer – Moonrise (55:00)
  16. Golden Features – Tell Me (59:10)
  17. ODESZA – Light (Ft. Little Dragon) (1:04:00)
  18. Rare Monk – Warning Pulse (1:08:15)
  19. Titus Andronicus – Fired Up (1:12:30)
  20. Sarah Blasko – I’d Be Lost (1:16:45)
  21. Khai – Into The Dark (1:21:40)
  22. Raeko – Everybody Knows (Ft. Mating Ritual) (1:24:50)
  23. Blood Moon – Homeland (1:29:00)
  24. Jad & The Ladyboy – Sweet Nothing (feat. Borgazzi) (1:32:15)
  25. Walk On Me (1:37:05)

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