The Breakdown Episode 93

Posted: September 30, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Featuring tracks from Foals, Bad // Dreems, City Calm Down, Quinn, Holy Holy, Beirut and Until The Ribbon Breaks.


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What’s up friends. Here be your latest epic new music fix.

We kick things off this episode with a sweet ballad that has been rocking our socks for the last couple of weeks from new Australian act City Calm Down.

The next few ditties are more very memorable individual grooves, dipping through some stadium synth in the StéLouse track, until we hit good old rock’n’roll from another Aussie in Bad // Dreems. These guys are arguably Australia’s best rock band currently, carrying a real dirty edge and some supremely talented songwriting.

We then move into a very unfamiliar realm at the Breakdown – rap music. As you may have picked up if you’ve been listening for a while, we don’t go much on rap and hip-hop here. But every now and then, a rap tune really grabs at us. This Quinn track is next level. It kicks off with a very progressive indie base, before the vocalist chimes in with some hard hitting rap. He uses some really sick tempo shifts throughout the tune, easing into and out of the chorus with some really clever changes in the beat. It culminates with the most devastating one at the end, where he launches into a piano driven, melancholic outro. Mad props dude.

We then find ourselves taking in a new tune from what is possibly our favourite artist of all time – Foals. The ultra-consistent, extremely hard working English outfit have recently released their fourth album, entitled What Went Down. We love everything these guys do. Their ingenious, unique songwriting style; coupled with supremely accomplished and precision musicianship; topped off with the other-wordly signature vocals from frontman Yannis Phillippakis form the perfect storm of music. The number of songs per album that we fall in love with has admittedly progressively decreased as they’ve released albums – in this latest edition there are only two, the second of which is included in this episode. However the quality of those songs is up there with the quality of the best songs from their previous offerings, and we acknowledge that the rest of the album is still great quality and appeals to many people’s tastes. We also acknowledge that the bar was set extremely high from the get-go with the incredible first two albums, Antidotes and Total Life Forever, both of which would likely make it into our top 20 albums of all time. Whether we prefer their Miami sound to their Spanish Sahara sound, which seems to be the predominant direction they are taking in the most recent album, is irrelevant. We owe them an open ear along with respect and gratitude for what they’ve already given us.

The rest of the episode twists its way through a melange of Julia’s unfalteringly quality European electro selections, Rich’s synthy indie pop numbers and Dan’s melancholic acoustic style indie choices.

Wrap your ears around it, friends. Enjoy it, and if you do enjoy it, be sure you share it with your friends, throw it on at work and / or recommend it to the supermarket checkout girl.

Catch you next episode xo


Artist – Song Title (Start time)

  1. City Calm Down – Rabbit Run (00:00)
  2. Story Of The Running Wolf – Electric (04:10)
  3. Pilgrims – Pieces (06:50)
  4. StéLouse – Brave (ft. ill-esha) (Tim Gunter remix) (10:25)
  5. Bad // Dreems – New Boys (14:25)
  6. Quinn – Never Done This (17:50)
  7. Foals – Birch Tree (21:40)
  8. Skylar Spence – Affairs (26:00)
  9. Gems – Soak (30:25)
  10. Refs – Pain Goes Away (34:15)
  11. A.D.K.O.B – Glue (37:45)
  12. Mazde – Battas (ft. LissA) (41:40)
  13. Swimm – Belly (46:40)
  14. Saint Raymond – Young Blood (RAC Mix) (50:00)
  15. Heart Dancer – Outro (Entry Code, Dial Tone) (53:30)
  16. Beirut – Gibraltar (56:45)
  17. Holy Holy – Outside Of The Heart Of It (1:00:30)
  18. Tiny Little Houses – Easy (1:04:00)
  19. Until The Ribbon Breaks – Goldfish (1:07:20)
  20. Tender – Armour (1:11:40)
  21. jozif – Under The Thumb (ft. Jenny Jones) (1:15:45)
  22. Francesco Rossi – Revolution (ft. David Garza) (1:22:40)
  23. Noire – Baby Blue (1:29:20)
  24. Isaac Delusion – Midnight Sun (1:33:50)
  25. Laurent Garnier – The Rise & The Fall of the Donkey Dog (Husbands Remix) (1:37:45)

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