The Breakdown Episode 90

Posted: August 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from On An On, Tame Impala, Made In Heights, Half Moon Run, Wolf Alice and 90 Pounds of Pete.


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Hello musical friends and welcome to the latest round of the best new music coming out.

This episode is littered with new, obscure and unheard of bands, possibly the most we’ve ever featured in one episode. There is nothing to fear about unheard of bands; as we well know, this is the place to come to make them heard of before anyone else has heard of them!

There are also, of course, a few well known artists still releasing great music. We kick off this episode with one of the most well known artists going around, Tame Impala. This song is kick ass, but it’s a little sad that it is the only good song on their entire new album, Currents. The hype says otherwise, and we honestly can’t figure it out. They are a solid band for sure, but we feel there are many more artists deserving of the hoopla thrown on these guys.

The holder of The Breakdown’s number 1 album for 2013, Half Moon Run, is about to drop a brand new album on us in October. Needless to say, we are excited to hear if they can back up their brilliant debut, Dark Eyes. The first single, Trust, is good without being great and is included in this episode.

We also take great tunes from recently released albums by Made In Heights and On An On.

The rest are literally all new-to-us artists, and all awesome songs. So kick back and immerse yourself in some sweet new music.

Til next time :)


Artist – Song Title (Start time)

  1. Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better (00:00)
  2. Boycrush – Flirt (Ft. Yumi Zouma & Madeira) (03:40)
  3. The Mispers – Weekend (07:15)
  4. Small Feet – All and Everyone (10:15)
  5. East of Ely – Waterfalls (12:45)
  6. The Parlor – The Surgeon’s Knife (17:00)
  7. JP Klipspringer – Watch the River (19:53)
  8. On An On – Stay the Same (23:30)
  9. Half Moon Run – Trust (27:25)
  10. Made In Heights – Slow Burn (32:10)
  11. Kita Alexander – My Own Way (36:35)
  12. 90 Pounds of Pete – Waited Too Long ft. Devon Baldwin (40:00)
  13. Parks, Squares And Alleys – Soft Clouds (43:10)
  14. From Kid – Come In (47:00)
  15. Tep No – Pacing (50:25)
  16. Jack Savoretti – Home (54:30)
  17. Wolf Alice – Heavenly Creatures (57:15)
  18. The Careful Ones – Paper Knees (1:00:35)
  19. Breen – Make Sense (1:04:40)
  20. Husbands – You, Me, Cellphones (1:08:00)
  21. Flyying Colours – Running Late (1:11:35)
  22. Fort Vine – Late At Night (1:15:10)
  23. Caius – Things Gonna Be Okay (1:18:50)
  24. Oliver Ralli – Selling My Insides (1:22:35)
  25. Skylar Fri – Man is Strange (1:26:25)
  1. Vien N. says:

    Please post this on 8track. For some reason i cant find your podcast from my new phone :/ Keep up the good work! Your playlist is on point every time.

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