The Breakdown Episode 86

Posted: April 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Lord Huron, Elizabeth Rose, Purity Ring, The National, Fort Lean, Warpaint, Last Lynx and Bravestation.


Stream it in podcast format here:

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To download the mp3 file, right click and “save link as” here: The Indie Electro Breakdown Episode 86

Welcome to the latest and greatest in the indie, alternative and electro musical world. This episode is brimming with epic, especially now that the brand new Lord Huron album has been realeased!

We are only 4 or 5 listens through the album, Strange Trails, since it was released three days ago, and so far we are blown away. It seems LH have entered elite company, delivering a follow up album that matches the brilliance of their stunning debut. This is not very common and a very difficult feat to pull off. Hats off, boys. We imagine every song on this record will eventually make the Breakdown podcasts, so you might as well go and buy the album right now. We promise you will not be disappointed.

There are also a number of other heavyweights that have recently discreetly dropped new music. Those being one of our all-time favourites, The National, as part of the release of their documentary Mistaken For Strangers; and also fellow Americans Warpaint. Other returning proven Breakdown performers include Fort Lean, Last Lynx, Absofacto and Bravestation.

We are also still immensely enjoying Purity Ring’s new album, Another Eternity.

Finally, big ups to Tiger Choir, who happen to hail from the same small home-town as the curator of this blog, which is not an incredibly common occurrence!

We hope you enjoy this collection of tunes, share it and get behind the artists!


Artist – Title (Start Time)

  1. Lord Huron – Meet Me in the Woods (00:00)
  2. Tiger Choir – Shani (04:20)
  3. Boo Seeka – Kingdom Leader (08:00)
  4. Coin – Run (11:35)
  5. Elizabeth Rose – Another Earth (15:00)
  6. Banff – The Great Unknown (19:00)
  7. Lord Huron – Frozen Pines (23:25)
  8. Breen – Say What You Want (27:20)
  9. Purity Ring – Sea Castle (30:30)
  10. Allah Las – No Werewolf (34:00)
  11. Satellite Stories – Vagabonds (36:20)
  12. Yates – Dive (40:30)
  13. Mini Mansions – Vertigo (ft. Alex Turner) (44:05)
  14. Last Lynx – Get Up (49:00)
  15. Autumn in June – Hey Arnold! (52:25)
  16. Absofacto – Dissolve (55:00)
  17. Rhodes – Turning Back Around (59:25)
  18. Bravestation – Haven (1:03:20)
  19. Canopies – Sparkle And Hum (1:06:35)
  20. Table People – Hometown (1:12:00)
  21. Fort Lean – I Don’t Mind (1:15:05)
  22. Lapcat – Anyways (1:17:50)
  23. The National – Sunshine on My Back (1:21:30)
  24. Warpaint – No Way Out (1:25:10)
  25. Great Lake Swimmers – Zero In The City (1:28:15)

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