The Breakdown Episode 85

Posted: March 26, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Featuring tracks from HUMANS, Passion Pit, Lord Huron, The Tallest Man On Earth, Kagu, Yumi Zouma and Purity Ring.


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Welcome to yet another absolute banger playlist, friends. Our apologies for the lateness of this one, however we think you’ll find the wait very worthwhile. We have cracked onto some absolute rippers in this episode. There are lots of established artists dropping new bombs, and we have also come across a couple of older underground ditties that as we like to say here at the Breakdown, we simply couldn’t leave out just because we were late to find them.

As has been the norm for the last few episodes, we are previewing more leaks from the now very soon to be released Lord Huron album, Strange Trails. The latest tune sounds like it has been pulled straight from a Tarantino film; full of swagger, a reverb laden guitar riff and Lord Huron’s signature vocal hooks; basically it’s bomb.

Vancouver based duo HUMANS have come back with a bang. We loved their 2012 EP Traps, and the new song Tell Me is so effing unreal. It has a ridiculous shift in tempo and style midway through, which will leave you thinking the song has changed. Look up their music video for it which will explain everything, it’s worth it ;-)

Purity Ring, also out of Canada, have a new album, Another Eternity. It is so cool, in our humble opinion could even be better than their wicked debut, Shrines. A couple of the standouts are included, be ready for more in coming episodes.

Other returning favourites include Sweden’s The Tallest Man on Earth, whom we loved way back in 2008; the USA’s Passion Pit; and Sean from the now defunct Snakadaktal, whose solo project, Kagu, appears to carry on the awesomeness that Snakadaktal was.

Highlights in the form of single blogged tracks come from Yumi Zouma (NZ); Lisbon and Color Therapy (USA); Pony The Pirate (Norway); Mt. Wolf (UK); Art of Sleeping and Slum Sociable (Aus); and Kaleo (Iceland).

We hope you enjoy this awesome collection of music! Share it and get behind the artists!

Artist – Song Title (Start Time)
  1. Lord Huron – The World Ender (00:00)
  2. Pony The Pirate – Dangerous (04:30)
  3. Kagu – Human (08:55)
  4. Yumi Zouma – Catastrophe (12:23)
  5. Lisbon – I Don’t Know (17:11)
  6. HUMANS – Tell Me (20:45)
  7. Purity Ring – Dust Hymn (26:05)
  8. Art of Sleeping – Voodoo (29:40)
  9. Mt. Wolf – Shapeshift (33:10)
  10. The Tallest Man On Earth – Sagres (37:10)
  11. Color Therapy – Screw Eyes (42:20)
  12. Champs – Vamala (45:40)
  13. Ghost Hours – Can’t Stop Moving (49:35)
  14. Kaleo – All the Pretty Girls (54:40)
  15. Great Good Fine Ok – Something To Believe In (ft. St. Lucia) (59:10)
  16. Girl Friend – Monte Carlo (1:04:00)
  17. Lucy Rose – Our Eyes (1:07:35)
  18. Passion Pit – Lifted Up (1985) (1:10:50)
  19. n e s s – Behind the Couch (1:15:10)
  20. Slum Sociable – Anyway (1:18:30)
  21. Vessels – On Monos (1:21:40)
  22. Purity Ring – Stranger Than Earth (1:25:36)
  23. Lisa Mitchell – Wah Ha (Seekae Remix) (1:30:10)
  24. Chairlift – Turning (Elizabeth Rose remix) (1:34:40)
  25. Yung Gud – My Guns (1:39:30)

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