The Breakdown Episode 84

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Featuring tracks from Lord Huron, On An On, Sillyboy, ODESZA, Klingande, Oh Wonder, Glass Animals and Royksopp.


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Hello dear music lovers and welcome to another fantastic episode of the Breakdown. This edition sees us taste testing tidbits from upcoming albums from established artists and also saying wow to a bunch of new electro artists.

More tracks have leaked from Lord Huron’s soon to be released second album Strange Trails, and they are hitting the nail on the head. One month to go, people, hold tight.

A new song from US three-piece On An On has also been released ahead of their second album. It picks up where their debut album Give In left off, and has picked up the emotional intensity significantly. We are immensely looking forward to the album, which is to be titled And The Wave Has Two Sides.

Other albums still being enjoyed come from Sticky Fingers, Glass Animals, Royksopp and Greek solo artist Sillyboy. This episode also contains more Greek goodness courtesy of our Athens correspondent Stratos, in Stella and Prins Obi (solo side project of Baby Guru frontman).

The new tune from English crew Oh Wonder is here too. These guys are adopting an inventive way of releasing an album, choosing to release a new song on the first day of every month for a year. Our favourite so far is February’s song, Lose It.

Some electro bombs have been dropped too. Favourites this episode include French bloke Klingande, Aussies Our Man in Berlin, German duo Andhim and Snowdrifts, who nobody knows anything about :-/

There are also a disproportionate number of remixes in this episode, even though we love a good remix. The almost undisputed kings of remixing, ODESZA, have struck again, remixing a pretty average song of Sia’s into a gem. These guys can turn anything to gold. There is also a remix here that we think could compete for the title of remix that sounds most unlike its original. Filous has taken a pumped up, energetic and somewhat frenetic tune by The Glitch Mob and turned it into a peaceful, ethereal and beautiful little number. There are also remixes from Alle Farben and Bassnectar.

We hope you enjoy this collection of new tunes. Make sure you get behind the artists.


  1. Sillyboy – One Part (00:00)
  2. Klingande – Riva (Restart the Game) [feat. Broken Back] (04:23)
  3. Our Man in Berlin – Moliere (07:50)
  4. Stonefox – This City (11:40)
  5. Lord Huron – Fool For Love (15:50)
  6. On An On – Drifting (19:43)
  7. Oh Wonder – Lose It (24:18)
  8. ODESZA – Big Girls Cry (Remix of Sia) (28:05)
  9. Snowdrifts – Eyes of a Lion (32:25)
  10. Vondelpark – California Analog Dream (35:45)
  11. Filous – Our Demons (feat. Aja Volkman) [remix of The Glitch Mob] (39:30)
  12. Oscar – Daffodil Days (43:15)
  13. Passion Pit – Where the Sky Hangs (46:10)
  14. Andhim – Boy Boy Boy (50:00)
  15. Jonah – All We Are (Alle Farben remix) (55:00)
  16. Prins Obi – Notions (1:00:10)
  17. Misun – Coffee (1:03:00)
  18. Lord Huron – Hurricane (Johnnie’s Theme) (1:06:43)
  19. Stella – The Map (1:09:40)
  20. American Wrestlers – Kelly (1:13:00)
  21. Joker – Midnight (Bassnectar Remix) (1:17:43)
  22. Glass Animals – Cocoa Hooves (1:21:22)
  23. Sticky Fingers – Lazerhead (1:24:55)
  24. The Very Best – Hear Me (1:30:50)
  25. Royksopp – Something In My Heart (1:35:30)

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