The Breakdown Episode 83

Posted: February 17, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Featuring tracks from Alberta Cross, Purity Ring, Other Lives, The Polish Ambassador, Nick D’ And The Believers, Summer Heart, Sticky Fingers and The Rural Alberta Advantage.


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Welcome to and congratulations on finding the latest and greatest collection of music coming out of this wonderful little blue and green rock! Hoowee, is this episode a cracker! We’re having trouble remembering an episode of The Breakdown that was as good as this one. Not sure what is happening out there, but its genuinely exciting to be a music lover at the moment. Quite a few of the songs in this playlist have the potential to define a year, providing the soundtrack to your little adventure called life!

Among some of the very promising new faces we have some returning favourites as well. Following on from the exciting news of a new Lord Huron album which we premiered last episode, we have another cracking band of a similar genre in Alberta Cross gracing our ears with new material. The English outfit rocked our socks back in 2011 with their album Broken Side of Time, and it seems another one is on the way. The new song is, just quietly, even better than anything we fell in love with back in the day, so we are pumped to hear the rest of it.

Canadian electro synth duo Purity Ring have a new tune out also, which stays true to their brilliant and unique sound we got into on their 2010 debut album Shrines.

There is also a new offering from US rockers Other Lives, whose album Tamer Animals cracked our top 10 albums of 2012. As with most of the returning heavyweights, they have dropped just a tease of the forthcoming album, which is to be titled Rituals. The new tune Reconfiguration also stays true to the eerie, dark, foreboding and melancholy sound that they hooked us with a couple years back.

Some of the new faces blowing minds in this episode include an absolute stunner from a little US band called Nick D’ And The Believers. Our relationship with this song now fits into the category of obsession. There are also bombs from French outfit Broken Back (who are drawing comparisons to Milky Chance); Californians Panic Is Perfect and Lostboycrow; Aussies The Ocean Party, Vallis Alps and Tear Council (a collaboration between Touch Sensitive and Matt from seminal electro pop outfit Van She); Breakdown favourites The Rural Alberta Advantage; Belgian chant-pop legends BRNS; and a rad little number from English songstress Natalie McCool, which has a hook in it that sounds eerily similar to Dido, although this song is much better than anything Dido released.

We also landed our grubby little mitts on a new remix from one of our absolute favourite electronic artists and remix legend The Polish Ambassador.

This is a seriously good collection of new music. Turn it up, share it and most importantly, get behind the artists. We need them creating music like this. Happy listening!


Artist – Song (Start Time)

  1. Sticky Fingers – Land of Pleasure (00:00)
  2. Nick D’ And The Believers – Wanted (03:01)
  3. Alberta Cross – Isolation (07:40)
  4. Panic Is Perfect – Bobby Black (11:50)
  5. Vallis Alps – Young (14:12)
  6. Broken Back – Halcyon Birds (19:07)
  7. Natural Animal – Our Love (23:35)
  8. Purity Ring – Begin Again (28:00)
  9. Lostboycrow – HiyHiy (31:33)
  10. Natalie McCool – Pins (35:10)
  11. Walla – 101 (39:06)
  12. Jape – Seance Of Light (42:30)
  13. Tear Council – Anywhere (46:25)
  14. The Ocean Party – Head Down (50:03)
  15. Sykur – Strange Loop (53:00)
  16. Erykah Badu – On and On (The Polish Ambassador remix) (57:00)
  17. The Rural Alberta Advantage – Runners In The Night (1:02:30)
  18. Other Lives – Reconfiguration (1:06:00)
  19. Francisco The Man – Loaded (1:09:30)
  20. Fire Mountain – Anchor Iron (1:13:47)
  21. Albert – Never Mind The Fine Print (1:18:30)
  22. Summer Heart – Thinkin Of U (1:23:30)
  23. Moonbabies – 24 (1:26:39)
  24. BRNS – Many Chances (1:30:55)
  25. Leon Bridges – Coming Home (1:35:15)

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