The Breakdown Episode 82

Posted: January 31, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Featuring tracks from Lord Huron, Empire of the Sun, Modest Mouse, Yeo, Tongues, Flamingo, Royksopp and Glass Animals.


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Warmest greetings to music lovers one and all. Welcome to another cracking round of the latest and greatest indie and electro music. There are some bumping tunes in this episode, including more than a couple of new ditties from returning heavyweights of the scene.

This episode is dominated by the return of Lord Huron, the holder of our number 2 album of 2013, with their debut release, Lonesome Dreams. This was such a moving and timeless work, that we hold very high anticipation for their follow up effort. Going off the very cryptic teases seen recently on their Facebook page, it is to be titled Strange Trails. There is no release date as of yet. The song, The Night We Met, is very much in keeping with the sound we came to love two years ago, so now we wait with baited breath.

Perennial indie electro pop masters Empire of the Sun are back with yet another banger. The creative genius behind EOTS is Nick Littlemore, who we have been a fan of for well over 10 years. His other projects, Pnau and Teenager seem to have been left behind by the success of EOTS, which we are ok with, so long as he keeps dropping bombs like this.

Modest Mouse, who have been around for, well, forever, have also dropped new material. It stays true to their inventive, very unique and emotive sound. High fives. Same goes for Scando crew Royksopp. Their latest and final offering, the aptly titled The Inevitable End, is typically equal parts weird and brilliant.

Other returning Breakdown artists include Yeo, Waterstrider, Magic Giant and the ever productive Flamingo. This hard working Australian 3-piece have now unleashed what seems to be around 4 or 5 single tracks over the past year. All have been fantastic, which hints that an album shouldn’t be too far away, which we are excited about.

Being excited about music is a good thing to be. That is what we here at The Breakdown are all about. Hope we help fuel your musical excitement. Until next time, friends.


  1. Montgomery – Not Around (00:00)
  2. Tongues – Colours In The Dark (03:28)
  3. Lord Huron – The Night We Met (07:38)
  4. Empire Of The Sun – Wandering Star (11:05)
  5. Gemology – First & Last (14:20)
  6. Waterstrider – White Light (17:30)
  7. Yeo – Secret Powers (22:25)
  8. Coyote Kisses – Revive (26:10)
  9. Scholar – Skin (30:21)
  10. Vita Bergen – Disconnection (34:08)
  11. Lost Arctic – The Fight (38:45)
  12. Canopies – The Plunderers and the Pillagers (43:00)
  13. Lady Lamb The Beekeeper – Billions Of Eyes (47:12)
  14. Magic Giant – Lets Start Again (52:24)
  15. Glass Animals – Pools (56:15)
  16. Moi Je – Fais Rien (1:01:04)
  17. Pop Etc – Running In Circles (1:04:50)
  18. No Limits – Body Full Of Lightning (1:09:20)
  19. Bootleg Rascal – Oh I Know (1:14:00)
  20. Spoon – Inside Out (Tycho Remix) (1:17:50)
  21. Flamingo – Lost On You (1:23:08)
  22. Modest Mouse – Lampshades on Fire (1:26:30)
  23. Royksopp – I Had This Thing (1:29:37)
  24. Elephant Stone – Worlds Don’t Begin and End with You (1:35:00)
  25. Israel Nash Gripka – Who in Time (1:39:50)

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