The Breakdown Episode 81

Posted: January 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Caribou, #1 Dads, Beats Antique, Gang Of Youths, My Morning Jacket, The Presets and Misun.


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Welcome to the latest edition of The Breakdown. As always, there’s plenty of gold to be discovered in the world of new indie and electro music. Most songs in this episode are single blogged tracks, although we continue our love affair with albums from #1 Dads and Caribou.

Highlights this week come from Aussie indie act Gang Of Youths, with their cracking track Benevolence Riots; Vimes with Ential; and a really bouncy guitar laden number by Misun.

We have a rarity this episode, in a little bit of hip hop. A remix of one of our favourite overall artists, Gardens & Villa just really hits the spot, despite the fact that we traditionally steer away from hip hop.

We also take in the latest from up and coming Aussie producer Flamingo, who is fast becoming a favourite here at The Breakdown.

Finally, a brilliant protest song has emerged. Although we’d prefer to keep politics and music separate, the current political situation in Australia is at its most dire point probably ever. A viciously rapacious, short-sighted and nasty Government is presiding over a country that by and large considers itself to be accepting, generous and compassionate. All of these qualities have been thrown out the window since this Government took office. The Prime Minister is a Climate Change Science skeptic, with his policies reflecting that, leaving Australia dead last of the developed nations in the battle against global warming. The poorest and most vulnerable people have seen massive cuts to their benefits and services; there’s been cuts from the budgets of public health, education and broadcasting; all the while the mining industry, fossil fuel companies and wealthiest people continue to enjoy big tax breaks and loopholes. The Basics have penned a brilliant tune trying to highlight all this and question the sense of entitlement the wealthiest Australians seem to have.

Hope you enjoy the latest and greatest and it helps you to keep smiling your day away!


  1. Gang Of Youths – Benevolence Riots (00:00)
  2. Vimes – Ential (03:44)
  3. Misun – Penny (08:10)
  4. #1 Dads – My Rush (11:26)
  5. Bassnectar – So Butterfly (Beats Antique Remix) (15:23)
  6. Σtella -Picking Words (20:15)
  7. Gardens & Villa – Domino (N.O. Joe Remix) (24:12)
  8. Saint Raymond – Wildheart (28:00)
  9. Parachute Youth – Can’t Get Better Than This (32:23)
  10. Night Panther – Desire (35:55)
  11. #1 Dads – Nominal (39:33)
  12. Flamingo – Drip Away (43:19)
  13. AstroMaps – Would Be Lion (46:40)
  14. Cosby – Heartracer (50:05)
  15. Fellini Félin – Wisteria (54:25)
  16. Caribou – Your Love Will Set You Free (1:00:18)
  17. Magic Giant – The Dawn (1:05:30)
  18. My Morning Jacket – One Big Holiday (1:09:00)
  19. Little May – Boardwalks (KarlK Edit) (1:13:08)
  20. The Presets – Ghosts (1:17:17)
  21. The Basics – The Lucky Country (1:20:45)
  22. The Kickdrums – Breathe Again (1:24:45)
  23. Ages & Ages – No Pressure (1:29:00)
  24. I Know Leopard – Perfect Picture (1:33:12)
  25. Passenger 10 – Street Names (1:37:32)

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