The Breakdown Episode 80

Posted: December 15, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Featuring tracks from #1 Dads, Jabberwocky, Andy Bull, Wampire, Beat Connection, Milky Chance, The Rural Alberta Advantage and SOHN.


Stream it in podcast format here:

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To download the mp3 file, right click and “save link as” here: The Indie Electro Breakdown Episode 80

Welcome to the newest edition of the best new music podcast out there. This episode sees a healthy mix of rocking fun tunes and heartfelt downtempo ones.

Most importantly, a new album has been discovered that does what we most love albums to do: kill it from start to finish, all songs having their own individual personality, while invoking strong emotions. #1 Dads, from Melbourne , Australia, have done it with their debut album, About Face. This is the side project of Tom Iansek, one of the dudes from Big Scary, who we have come to know over the past year here at The Breakdown. Just quietly, we think Big Scary is going to become the side project, going off the quality of About Face.

Other albums currently being enjoyed include Sydney’s Andy Bull with the super inventive Sea Of Approval; Bazaar by Wampire ; along with fellow Portland, Oregon band Ages And Ages with Divisionary; Swedish indie pop-rockers Last Lynx with their new EP Rifts; and the fantastic album Sadnecessary by Germany’s Milky Chance.

A couple of electro bombs have been dropped in this episode with French producer Jabberwocky’s brilliant tune POLA and Norwegian whiz kid Bearson with his banger Pink Medicine.

Countering the highs hit in those bad boys, we’ve also included a couple of heart wrenching introspective numbers. Turboito’s remix of Pink Feathers’ track Sea Of Dreams contains one of the most beautiful synth lines you are ever likely to hear. It comes perfectly packaged with the incredible #1 Dads tune Return To. We swear we have never heard a better Antlers song that is not actually by The Antlers!

We hope you enjoy this latest collection of songs that will become the soundtrack to your life :)


  1. Sticky Fingers – Just For You (00:00)
  2. Jenny Broke the Window – Rum n’ Cola (03:50)
  3. Jabberwocky – POLA (Fakear Remix) (07:41)
  4. #1 Dads – For Randy Robinson and Cassidy (11:33)
  5. Ages And Ages – Light Goes Out (15:31)
  6. Andy Bull – Talk Too Much (18:22)
  7. Bearson – Pink Medicine (22:01)
  8. Bertie Blackman – War of One (25:55)
  9. Great Good Fine Ok – By Your Side (29:30)
  10. Wampire – Fly on the Wall (33:50)
  11. #1 Dads – Return To (feat. Tom Snowdon) (37:50)
  12. Milky Chance – Sadnecessary (42:15)
  13. FlicFlac – We go home (47:03)
  14. Beat Connection – Another Go Round (51:24)
  15. Catfish & The Bottlemen – Cocoon (54:52)
  16. Last Lynx – Brother (58:50)
  17. FreeSwim – By My Side (1:02:00)
  18. Frightened Rabbit – The Woodpile (1:07:11)
  19. The Rural Alberta Advantage – On The Rocks (1:10:37)
  20. sleepmakeswaves – Traced In Constellations (1:14:00)
  21. Absofacto – History Books (1:18:40)
  22. High Highs – Ocean To City (1:22:37)
  23. Pink Feathers – Sea of Dreams (Turboito Remix) (1:27:08)
  24. I’lls – To: All the Blurred (Rat & Co Remix) (1:32:32)
  25. SOHN – Veto (1:37:50)
  26. Zola Blood – Meridian (1:41:11)
  27. HVOB – Fog Machine (1:45:00)

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