The Breakdown Episode 79

Posted: November 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Porter Robinson, TV On The Radio, Keep Shelly In Athens, The Preatures, Andy Bull, ODESZA, The Polish Ambassador and Godwolf.


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Greetings and welcome to another banging edition of The Breakdown!

This episode sees us indulging in some fantastic album releases, along with taking in some gems unearthed by the newly acquired Breakdown correspondents.

We’ve really been enjoying albums by Porter Robinson (Worlds); Andy Bull (Sea of Approval); The Polish Ambassador (Pushing Through the Pavement); The Preatures (Blue Planet Eyes); In The Valley Below (The Belt); and TV On The Radio (Seeds). All these albums are solid releases, some are from artists we are familiar with and some are new on the scene.

Seeds is TV On The Radio’s fifth studio album. The New York outfit are responsible for some incredible music over the past decade. Who can ever forget Staring At The Sun or Wolf Like Me? While Seeds is an album that is not bad, we find it doesn’t quite hit the heights we know these guys are capable of. Having said that, it will neither be a waste of your time or money.

In addition to these albums, a new EP, Cruel Kids, has just dropped by Melbourne, Australia group Halcyon Drive. We featured the lead single from the EP, Whitewash, much earlier in the year here on the Breakdown. It is exciting in the fact that they have been able to conjure a unique sound within the terrifyingly overcrowded indie rock sub-genre. So big ups to these guys, support them by jumping on their bandcamp page and grabbing Cruel Kids.

We also take in some cracking tracks from the Greek scene in this episode, lovingly supplied by our Greek correspondent, Stratos. Sillyboy’s Stalker is one of the catchiest and satisfying tracks we’ve heard in a bit, while Prins Obi has also dropped a banger in Weekend Lovers.

Prins Obi also happens to be the frontman for Athens based psych rock outfit, and previous Breakdown favourite, Baby Guru. Stratos also put us onto a new track from super old Breakdown star performer Keep Shelly in Athens, who we sadly reported had parted ways with founding member and vocalist, Sarah P. It sounds as though they found a worthy replacement, and not much difference can be spotted, so happy days!

We have also continued our little obsession with Aussie electro newcomers Godwolf, who have a propensity for starting a song out all soft, quiet and delicate, before seamlessly morphing into club style dance fist pumpers.

“In this episode of the Breakdown, you’ll also hear Marilyn Manson’s new single”. Now THAT is a statement we NEVER expected to make. With full credit to them, they seem to have mellowed in their older age and have a released a dark, brooding, wistful, bluesy number. Entitled Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge, it captures almost perfectly the mood that may accompany one’s state of mind if they found themselves in that situation. Not that any of us here have, of course ;-)

We hope you enjoy this collection of epic new music. If you do, be sure to share it with your friends, and as always, get behind the artists.


Artist – Song Title (Start Time)

  1. Little Bastard – Be My Kind (00:00)
  2. Halcyon Drive – Blisters (04:14)
  3. Porter Robinson – Years of War (07:47)
  4. Godwolf – Our Place (11:45)
  5. Sillyboy – Stalker (15:28)
  6. The Polish Ambassador – Vision Fiberoptics (ft. Sean Haefeli) (19:35)
  7. Prins Obi – Weekend Lovers (25:15)
  8. 12th Street Social Club – Insurance Policy (28:35)
  9. Monogram – Romance (32:10)
  10. Andy Bull – Baby I Am Nobody Now (36:26)
  11. S – Brunch (40:07)
  12. The Preatures – Ordinary (43:35)
  13. Marilyn Manson – Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge (47:24)
  14. Horse Thief – Little Dust (51:53)
  15. Flora Cash – I’ll Be With You (55:33)
  16. Tapes Waves – All I Can See (59:02)
  17. Glimmer Of Blooms – Wake Me Up (1:01:15)
  18. Roosevelt – Small Hours (1:05:00)
  19. Tei Shei – Bassically (1:09:10)
  20. TV On The Radio – Test Pilot (1:14:00)
  21. In The Valley Below – Searching For a Devil (1:18:43)
  22. Peer Kusiv – We All (1:22:55)
  23. ODESZA – Waited For You (Remix of Slow Magic) (1:28:55)
  24. Sad Disco – Beat (1:33:44)
  25. The Avener – Fade Out Lines (1:37:08)
  26. Keep Shelly in Athens – Fractals (1:41:48)
  27. Worakls – Flocon de Neige (1:46:18)

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