The Breakdown Episode 77

Posted: November 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Flight Facilities, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Stars, SBTRKT, Made In Heights, Yellerkin, Wampire and Broods.

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Welcome to another awesome episode of The Indie Electro Breakdown and congratulations on finding your way to the best new indie and electro music podcast going around. This episode brings us another batch of brilliant artists delivering their wares.

First things first, there are lots of single blogged tracks on this episode, as the album releases have taken a bit of a backseat this week. The arguable highlight is LA band Made in Heights. They have just released a new song, Ghosts, after a little while in the wilderness. It has stayed true to what we have come to love about them: consistently brilliant songwriting.

Striving Vines have dropped a punchy, danceable 80’s Motown style toe tapper.

Breakdown recent favourite’s Yellerkin have a new song, displaying their formidable originality in sound and songwriting. Their track Tools dips and weaves through broody emotion, before erupting into a stadium style fist pumper.

French outfit Stars have reminded us how good they are over the long term, remaining right at the forefront of the scene with their new tune No One Is Lost.

A number of beautiful acoustic numbers have found their way into this episode, with tunes from brand new French duo Montoya; American Austin Basham; and up and coming Australian artists Gordi and Stella Angelico.

The quieter tunes are headlined in this episode by a stunning song from a 19 year old New Zealander who goes by the moniker Sheep, Dog and Wolf. In his tune Glare, he invokes memories of Bon Iver’s powerful debut album with his use of layered, haunting high pitched vocals. Keep an eye out for this kid, he has the Breakdown’s tip for a huge future.

As far as albums go, the highlight this week has definitely been the third album from Scottish indie rockers We Were Promised Jetpacks. Entitled Unraveling, it boasts more cohesive and polished songwriting, moving away from the rawness so beautifully displayed in their fantastic 2011 album, In The Pit Of The Stomach. Unraveling has a real flow and engaging feel to it and is highly recommended by the Breakdown.

Australian duo Flight Facilities have also just released their highly anticipated debut album, Down To Earth. Having been teased with mind blowing tracks like Clair De Lune and Two Bodies for almost the past two years, we are now able to take in a more complete taste of their sound in the form of an album. While we are only two listens into it, we feel it’s going to be one of the top releases of the year.

On one final note, don’t you love it when a single line from a song draws you in, and your love for the song and even respect for the artist is built around that one line? “Gargoyles garglin’ oil” was enough to spawn an obsession with the SBTRKT tune New Dorp. New York.

Enjoy the tunes, friends, and as always, keep spreading the musical love.


  1. Made in Heights – Ghosts (00:00)
  2. Mating Ritual – Toxins (03:30)
  3. Striving Vines – Sound of Tomorrow (06:38)
  4. We Were Promised Jetpacks – Peace Sign (10:13)
  5. Thief – You Look So Good To Me (14:18)
  6. Yellerkin – Tools (17:16)
  7. Stars – No One Is Lost (21:37)
  8. Montoya – Carry Oceans (26:21)
  9. Sheep, Dog and Wolf – Glare (30:06)
  10. Gordi – Nothing’s As It Seems (34:30)
  11. Stella Angelico – Prey (38:00)
  12. Zola Blood – Grace (41:30)
  13. SBTRKT – New Dorp. New York (45:36)
  14. Spirit Club – Eye Dozer (48:37)
  15. Austin Basham – Running (51:25)
  16. Stereopol – Hourglass (56:05)
  17. Wampire – Millenials (59:28)
  18. We Were Promised Jetpacks – Bright Minds (1:04:15)
  19. Cash + David – Funn (1:08:55)
  20. Slow Magic – Waited 4 U (1:11:23)
  21. Flight Facilities – Down to Earth (1:15:18)
  22. LANY – Made In Hollywood (1:19:48)
  23. The Palace Wolves – Lights That Fade (1:23:23)
  24. The Griswolds – Right On Track (1:27:52)
  25. Broods – L.A.F (1:31:21)
  26. Basecamp – Shudder (1:34:10)

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