The Breakdown Episode 76

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Featuring tracks from Caribou, Röyksopp, Postiljonen, The Cold War Kids, Jamie T, Crooked Colours, ODESZA, cln and Flight Facilities.

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Hi friends and welcome to another cracking edition of The Breakdown. This episode features some amazing music, containing a disproportionate amount of cutting edge electronic tunes, with a couple of heart wrenching ballads thrown in for good measure. I am so stoked on this episode, I’ve been thrashing it for the last couple weeks and now it’s your turn!

The indie electro scene is as healthy as I’ve ever seen it. The sounds these artists are collectively creating are inspirational. In this episode alone, there are some truly mind blowing tracks right on the cutting edge of the electro genre. New French duo Exotic Toy; Scandinavians Röyksopp, Postiljonen and Korallreven; North Americans Step Rockets, Caribou and ODESZA; and Australia’s GL, Crooked Colours, cln and Flight Facilities have all managed to produce outstanding, catchy electronic music that demands to be turned right up and danced to. Seeing the spread of where these groups hail from really highlights the fact that good electronic music is a universal language and has no physical home. Well done Planet Earth!

There are a couple of artists with new material in here that were on my radar way back in the day. I was listening to The Cold War Kids and Jamie T back in 2006, and even managed to catch The Cold War Kids live in Sydney, Australia. Both have come back with a vengeance, releasing brilliant new music, and in the process reminding us they are still very relevant in today’s scene.

It’s not all about the electro, however. This episode contains some fantastic ballad-y type tunes as well. #1 Dads, the side project of Tom Lansek, the guy from Big Scary, has dropped a stunning tune called So Soldier. It really makes me want to get drunk on red wine and dance in the kitchen. Jamie T, Sylas and Arrows have all delivered in this department as well.

Albums on high rotation that feature in this episode and definitely deserve to be checked out come from ODESZA, Postiljonen, Caribou and The Preatures.

I’d like to single out for questioning Crooked Colours, a duo from Perth, Australia that I’ve been following for about three years now. Firstly, when is the album dropping? And what have you done with the old Crooked Colours? From the happy, poppy sound in the awesome tune Anywhere, to the dirty, grimey, bassey, dripping-with-attitude sound emanating today. It is quite the swing, I must admit. I love both sounds, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll be very interested to see how both sounds fit into the one album. Well done boys.

I also want to send a big thank you to Johnny from The Step Rockets for personally sending me all their new material. I love getting stuff directly from bands, hint hint to anyone reading this who is an artist themselves.

Turn this one right up, it is so super killer. Until next time, music lovers.


  1. The Preatures – Rock and Roll Rave (00:00)
  2. Exotic Toy – Souvenir (03:47)
  3. #1 Dads – So Soldier (feat. Ainslie Wills) (08:33)
  4. Postiljonen – Skying High (12:32)
  5. Gold Fields – Hold Me (15:40)
  6. Caribou – Back Home (20:14)
  7. Röyksopp & Robyn – Monument (23:47)
  8. GL – Take Me Back (28:34)
  9. Step Rockets – Phantom Flower (32:03)
  10. Cold War Kids – First (35:35)
  11. ODESZA – All We Need (38:55)
  12. Arrows – Fences (42:27)
  13. Mystery Pills – Age of Isolation (46:22)
  14. Jamie T – Turn On the Light (50:50)
  15. The Away Days – Paris (55:17)
  16. Gold Spectacles – What We Might Have Been (57:53)
  17. Korallreven – Death Is Not For Us (1:01:45)
  18. Crooked Colours – Capricious (1:05:51)
  19. cln – Dayum (1:09:33)
  20. Sylas – Shore (1:12:42)
  21. Sticky Fingers – Liquorlip Loaded Gun (1:15:51)
  22. Flight Facilities – Two Bodies (1:21:00)
  23. ODESZA – Koto (1:25:25)
  24. Pegase – Ladybug (1:28:40)
  25. All We Are – I Wear You (1:32:20)
  26. Jamie xx – Girl (1:35:40)
  27. Mansionair – Hold Me Down (1:39:37)

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