Star Gazin’

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

I recently returned from spending the Northern summer in the mountains of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Six delightful weeks were whiled away hiking, camping, mountain biking, BBQing, disc golfing, going on mini adventures with my dog and drinking beers with my friends…


During this time, I went on 8 overnight hikes into the mountains in and around the Sea-To-Sky region of Whistler, Pemberton, Bralorne and Lillooet. Along with various amazing and inspiring people, I’d lay on the banks of the most idyllic high altitude lakes, Spruce and Fir forests, boulder fields and jagged rocky peaks; watching life-affirming sunsets before marvelling at the most awe inspiring of starlit night skies.

Being a man of music and contemplation, there were always fantastic tunes accompanying us on these adventures. To celebrate this amazing period in time, I compiled a collection of very laid back tunes to help you relax and enjoy whatever scene you take in while enjoying a good old fashioned think. Bear in mind, they are laid back. You won’t wanna put this playlist on while pre-drinking for a party. Rather, kick back, pour a glass of red or whatever else is your poison and relaaaax.


Stream it here: 

Right click, ‘save target as’ to download the mp3 file here: Star Gazin’ by The Breakdown

Stream it in playlist format (with the ability to skip tracks) by clicking here


Hope you enjoy and a smile graces your good-looking face ;-)


1. Pretty Lights – Understand Me Now

2. Night Moves – Country Queen

3. Tor – Let Me Down

4. Chromatics – Birds of Paradise

5. Stars – Lights Changing Colour

6. Big Deal – Catch Up

7. The Polish Ambassador – Spines Entwined

8. Metronomy – She Wants

9. Washed Out – Lately

10. Surfer Blood – Neighbour Riffs

11. Poor Spirits – Pistol Pineapple

12. Wild Beasts – All The Kings Men

13. Chromatics – Kill For Love

14. Mint Julep – Aviary

15. Mt. Warning – Sinking Sun

16. Futurebirds – Dig

17. The Antlers – Parentheses

18. The Kite String Tangle – Commotion

19. Woods – Tambourine Light

20. Jungle – Time

21. Milky Chance – Loveland

22. Ploy – VRDSNT

23. Racing Glaciers – One Day We Will Lose Everything

24. Pretty Lights – Color Of My Soul

25. Tilbury – Northern Comfort

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