The Breakdown Episode 72

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Featuring tracks from Last Lynx, All We Are, Warpaint, Zhu, Papertwin, ODESZA, and Flamingo.

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To download the mp3 file, right click and “save link as” here: The Breakdown with Ben Episode 72

Hello friends and welcome to the latest and greatest in the indie, alternative and electro world. Apologies for my tardiness, most of these tracks I’ve had laying around since just after I did Episode 71 almost 3 weeks ago. But things are happening in my world and I’ve struggled to keep up! There won’t be an episode for a little while after this one. I am taking off on a pretty big bike ride in a couple days time, and could not find room for my computer. So The Breakdown will be back bigger and better in late July! I will still be listening to tunes and contactable, so keep the suggestions and artist submissions coming please!

Just about all these tracks are individually blogged tracks I pulled from the ether that is the internet. Apart from a couple sweet EP’s from New York state’s Joywave and Adelaide, Australia’s Flamingo. Have a go at them.

A song that I have had in my head for almost entirely the last 3 weeks is the opener, from English trio All We Are. It even has a line in it that goes “can’t get you out of my head”. Ironic.

There is a new tune from one of The Breakdown’s favourite Swedish groups, Last Lynx. They just keep proving how versatile and inventive they are, and I love this new ditty.

A cool collaboration is psychedelic indie rock group Phantogram – a band I was lucky enough to catch live in Vancouver a couple years ago – and general tripper Until The Ribbon Breaks. He remixed Phantogram’s new hit single Fall In Love, and I that is what I have done. I actually like it more than the original, so thanks guys.

You may be wondering about the first Breakdown appearance of the latest Warpaint album, given that it was released way back in January. Initially I wrote it off as an OK album but was generally disappointed that it wasn’t quite up to their brilliant debut album of 2011, The Fool. Well I randomly gave it another crack and found a gem of a track called Keep It Healthy which is well up there with the quality of songwriting and musicianship of The Fool. Foolish me.

Another song by FTSE, the creator of the greatest ever hangover song – Lost In Translation – is also included. It has some really nice fat bass, as do quite a lot of songs in this episode.

Please enjoy, and keep in touch. The Breakdown will be back with a vengeance in July!


Artist – Track Title (Start Time)

1. All We Are – Feel Safe (00:00)

2. Sky Ferreira – You’re Not The One (04:25)

3. Joywave – Now (08:02)

4. Split Seconds – Halfway There (12:12)

5. Warpaint – Keep It Healthy (15:26)

6. Kins – Cliché Ridden (19:28)

7. Papertwin – Alkaline (21:38)

8. Last Lynx – Curtains (26:19)

9. XY&O – I’m Not Right (29:42)

10. FTSE – Nite Life (33:18)

11. Inspired & The Sleep – Fly Low (37:00)

12. Sunny Day Real Estate – Lipton Witch (40:51)

13. My Dear – Standing In This Dream (44:37)

14. Whales In Cubicles – We Never Win (48:24)

15. Joywave – In Clover (52:08)

16. Ki: Theory – Open Wound (ODESZA remix) (56:21)

17. Yellerkin – Leave Me Be (1:00:00)

18. Phantogram – Fall In Love (Until The Ribbon Breaks remix) (1:03:17)

19. Brett – Golden (1:08:34)

20. Bronze Whale – Weird Dark Things (ft. Khai) (1:13:44)

21. Flamingo – Heart, My (1:18:21)

22. Zhu – The One (1:23:06)

23. Julie Byrne – Melting Grid (1:28:08)

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