The Breakdown Episode 67

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Featuring tracks from Papa, Buchanan, The Glitch Mob, ODESZA, Gardens & Villa, Made In Heights, Banks and Active Child.

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To download the mp3 file, right click and “save link as” here: The Breakdown with Ben Episode 67

Hey music lovers what’s happening. Good to hear, me too. Yes I’ve been listening to heaps of new tunes, and am winning at it. This episode freakin rocks.

Headlining this musical point in time is new albums from a couple of indie heavy hitters. The Glitch Mob, whose album Drink The Sea took the number one spot in the Breakdowns top ten albums of 2011 (yep I’m aware it was released in 2010), are back with their second album, Love Death Immortality. It’s raw, deep, sonically all-encompassing, painfully original and a hell of a lot punchier and alert than Drink The Sea. You are most likely not going to believe you are actually in A Dream Within A Dream while lost in this album. But their sound remains. Massive credit to them for maintaining that signature sound, while embarking on a pretty radical tangent. If Drink The Sea was acid, then Love Death Immortality is cocaine, but it’s with the same friends, and in the same house.

Another big name that has pulled a similar feat off is Gardens & Villa. The holders of The Breakdown’s number two spot for 2012 (yep I know it came out in 2011), have just dropped Dunes, their second album. It is utterly brilliant. They too have managed to keep their signature sound, but have departed a little more into the electro realm, from the guitar based sound of their self titled debut album. It works so very well. These guys are about to disappear into Foals and Yeasayer territory, in terms of their ability to keep getting better with subsequent releases; a very, very rare quality.

Another ‘delta’ sign toting, little known group has sprung up with a couple of stunning songs, invoking memories of Alt-J a couple years ago. ::M∆DE::IN::HEIGHTS:: gave us a banging track in the previous episode, and have backed it up with another incredible tune. If the earth is a just place, these guys should also experience a little meteoric rise when the rest of the world catches up.

The drummer from San Fran band Girls went off and made his own band, called it Papa and dropped a bunch of delightful tunes on us in the shape of an album called Tender Madness. Its good, have a listen.

Seattle production duo ODESZA are getting ready to unleash their second album on us, and have given us a taste with the first single, entitled Sun Models. It has the unmistakable ODESZA flavour, but with the fat rolling bass reeled back in a little. I will be interested to see if the rest of the album follows suit, but either way this is still a top song.

A number of bands have been sending me their stuff, and this past couple weeks has been extra exciting with a couple of really fantastic songs sent through. London based Australian dude Buchanan and Vienna based Chronic City have penned tracks that deserve more attention than just myself, have a listen and share the love.

All the single blogged tracks reeled in for this episode are very strong, making this an all-killer-no-filler episode… But then again there’s never filler. Get around Phil Beaudreau, Racing Glaciers, Baauer & RL Grime’s bass explosion, Banks, Thumpers, Pigeon and pretty much the rest.

Hoping and knowing you will enjoy.


1. ::M∆DE::IN::HEIGHTS:: – Viices (00:00)

2. Racing Glaciers – New Country (03:18)

3. Phil Beaudreau – Won’t Get Away (06:40)

4. Papa – Young Rut (09:40)

5. Gardens & Villa – Thunder Glove (13:46)

6. Buchanan – Galileo (18:21)

7. The Glitch Mob – Our Demons (feat. Aja Volkman) (22:16)

8. Baauer & RL Grime – Infinite Daps (27:50)

9. ODESZA – Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant) (31:56)

10. Banks – Brain (34:36)

11. Chronic City – Tambourine (39:17)

12. Pigeon – Two Moon Love (43:05)

13. Thumpers – Unkinder (46:37)

14. Gold Fields – Moves (50:19)

15. Maya Jane Coles – Everything (ft. Karin Park) (53:40)

16. PlusMinus – Young Once (57:50)

17. The Bamboos – Avengers (1:01:55)

18. Last Lynx – Lacuna (1:05:45)

19. Buchanan – Par Avion (1:08:45)

20. Gardens & Villa – Minnesota (1:12:03)

21. Waterstrider – Twice (Little Dragon cover) (1:16:11)

22. Active Child – Calling In The Name of Love (1:22:38)

23. Rogue Wave – Eyes (1:26:55)

24. PVT – Homosapien (1:29:20)

25. The Glitch Mob – Mind Of A Beast (1:33:45)

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