The Breakdown Episode 58

Posted: September 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Holy Ghost!, CHVRCHES, Black Light Dinner Party, Crystal Antlers, SAFIA and Snakadaktal.

Stream it here: 

To download the mp3 file, right click and “save link as” here: The Breakdown with Ben Episode 58

Hiyo…! Nice work on finding your way to the sweetest collection of bangin new tunes.

This episode finds us with our hands on two wicked new albums. The long awaited and highly anticipated debut album, The Bones Of What You Believe, from Scottish electro pop newbies CHVRCHES is almost upon us, and I have managed to find a copy early. I’m gunna do something I rarely do and that’s feature a song that I already have in a previous recent episode. Gun is such a cool tune, and to celebrate the release of the album, you guys get to hear it again. Must warn you, music lovers, to enjoy this album now, while it’s still fresh. And be ready to release this band to the commercial radio stations, supermarkets, television ads and bar patios soon, because it will happen.

The second album from Brooklyn indie-electro maestros Holy Ghost! is also upon us. Dynamics sees these guys do exactly what I love seeing bands do: carry on their sound that made them good the first time around. The apparent ‘epic’ of the album is a pulsing, building, rhythmic, devastating number called It Must Be The Weather. Get around it.

I’ve also stumbled upon a brand new tiny Aussie DJ act that are going to go huge, in SAFIA. I’ve opened with their stellar single Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues. Beware of the drop.

More fantastic tunes are in here from Black Light Dinner Party (whose album I am getting terribly excited for); along with Snakadaktal and Portugal. The Man.

Apologies for the extremely old number from Canadian rockers Wintersleep, also. I’ve been a fan quite a while and only just gotten around to grabbing their self titled debut. Thanks to Keevik for the prompts over the years…

Enjoy these songs, people, this is a great little collection.


Artist – Title (Start Time)

1. SAFIA – Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues (00:00)

2. CHVRCHES – Gun (03:51)

3. Black Light Dinner Party – Older Together (07:48)

4. Holy Ghost! – It Must Be The Weather (12:13)

5. Snakadaktal – Fall Underneath (18:28)

6. Fryars – Cool Like Me (22:44)

7. Smallpools – Mason Jar (26:21)

8. Brick + Mortar – Locked In A Cage (30:01)

9. Panama Wedding – All Of The People (33:18)

10. Dash – Into The Sounds (36:53)

11. RLMDL – Young Rebels (41:25)

12. Young Galaxy – What We Want (45:32)

13. Caught A Ghost – Somehow (49:30)

14. Portugal. The Man – Purple Yellow Red and Blue (53:07)

15. Crystal Antlers – Rattlesnake (57:19)

16. Dustin Tebbutt – The Breach (1:01:34)

17. Wintersleep – Insomnia (1:05:50)

18. Wildlife Control – Ages Places (1:10:05)

19. Black Light Dinner Party – Gold Chain (1:13:33)

20. Snakadaktal – Hung On Tight (1:17:40)

21. Young Galaxy – In Fire (1:21:55)

22. CHVRCHES – Under The Tide (1:26:23)

23. Portugal. The Man – Hip Hop Kids (1:30:56)

24 Friends -The Way (1:34:23)

25. Guy Andrews – 7AM (1:38:43)

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