The Breakdown Episode 57

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Black Light Dinner Party, Delorean, Smith Westerns, Snakadaktal, Trails And Ways, St. Lucia and Wild Cub.

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To download the mp3 file, right click and “save link as” here: The Breakdown with Ben Episode 57

Greetings, music lovers. Another great 90 odd minutes of new and new-ish tunes coming at you, as I sit in beautiful Hanoi, Vietnam, where I have been stationed for the past week.

Headlining this edition of The Breakdown is the discovery of, well I guess the discovery of a forthcoming album from, Black Light Dinner Party. These prodigies of electro-pop have been featured on this blog previously, but are essentially brand new on the scene, hailing from that awesome breeding ground of musical production that is Brooklyn, New York. Their album is due out later this month, however I have managed to get my hands on a handful tracks from it , and I already LOVE all of them. Exciting times ahead!

In addition to them, I’ve been enjoying the new album from Aussie crew Snakadaktal. It is primarily quite sleepy and introverted, but there are a couple of more upbeat, albeit still heartbreaking tracks, much like the one I have led with on this episode. In truth I absolutely love this song.

A few artists that I was right into when I first started The Breakdown almost 3 years ago are back with some new stuff. Delorean, out of Spain; Smith Westerns, of the USA; and GRiZ, the 23 year old Detroit, USA producer, this time in a collaboration with Gramatik, show us why their respective sounds are all still just as relevant in today’s scene as they were back then.

Other groups making a welcome return to The Breakdown are Cloud Control, Portugal. The Man, St Lucia, Tunng, Pretty Lights and Wild Cub (with new stuff already, following an album that has only just celebrated its first birthday!). Another song from up and comers Trails And Ways is also featured, as I get ever more impatient in my wait for an album from those guys.

Be sure to listen up for the pure unadulterated sax in Postiljonen’s track, Atlantis. This is Gerry Rafferty meets M83, I shit you not. Must be heard and turned up loud to be believed!

Also check out Natural Animal’s song, which contains soundbites from my favourite contemporary philosopher, Alan Watts, at the end.

Hope you enjoy, guys. xox


Artist – Title (Start Time)

1. Snakadaktal – The Sun II (00:00)

2. Black Light Dinner Party – I was Right (03:40)

3. Wise Blood – Alarm (07:25)

4. Trails And Ways – Como Te Vas (10:35)

5. St. Lucia – Elevate (13:02)

6. Delorean – Destitute Time (18:11)

7. Postiljonen – Atlantis (22:27)

8. La Plage – Rendez Vous (26:27)

9. Natural Animal – Who You Are (Ft. Alan Watts) (30:12)

10. Wild Cub – Blacktide (35:34)

11. Portugal. The Man – Modern Jesus (38:38)

12. Dive In – Let Go (41:52)

13. Dan Griffin -The Hum (46:08)

14. Honey Bones – Dragg (50:23)

15. Black Light Dinner Party – We Are Golden (55:05)

16. Cloud Control – Dojo Rising (59:20)

17. The Night VI – Thinking of You (1:03:50)

18. Young Galaxy – Sleepwalk with Me (1:08:00)

19. Tunng – The VIllage (1:12:00)

20. Smith Westerns – Best Friend (1:16:30)

21. Pretty Lights – So Bright (1:20:15)

22. WMNSTUDIES – Make You (1:26:05)

23. Jackson And His Computerband – Vista (1:31:00)

24. Grizmatik – My People (1:35:35)

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