The Breakdown Episode 56

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Cloud Control, TV On The Radio, Pretty Lights, AU PALAIS, Keep Shelly In Athens, Chronic City and PAPA.

Stream it here: 

To download the mp3 file, right click and “save link as” here: The Breakdown with Ben Episode 56

Top of the mornin to you, Breakdown fans, and welcome to a ripping sweet episode, that comes lovingly to you from me while I am on a super fun adventure through Europe and the United Kingdom. At the time of writing I find myself sitting in front of a log fire in a remote cottage in the beautiful isolated highlands of County Kerry, Ireland. Life is good :)

The music that has been accompanying me on this trip has been A grade, as always. While there is not a whole lot in the way of albums in this episode, I have spent the majority of time sifting through the proverbial shitload of blogged tracks I loaded up on before leaving. Never a bad thing, however!

I’ve opened with a brand new track from one of my favourite Aussie obscure indie artists, Cloud Control. I’ve been following these guys since around 2005, and it seems from the couple of new tracks I have of theirs that they have seriously built on their indie pop songwriting sensibilities. I won’t be surprised if they hit the big time with their new album. This particular song, Scar, also has an amazing music video that I relate very well to accompanying it. If you have the time and energy, do an internet search for it.

New material is also included from TV On The Radio, the Brooklyn, USA based indie heavyweights. Considering their latest album, Nine Types Of Light, only made it out less than 2 years ago, I am impressed and excited by their industriousness.

More stuff is comin at you from Surfer Blood’s album Astrocoast, which I am aware is quite old, but still think rocks. There is also a couple other numbers from Pretty Lights’ newbie, A Color Map of The Sun.

One of my favourite acts yet to release an album, AU PALAIS, also has a new track out, with another soon to follow, giving me hope that they may release an LP in the near future.

Another old time favourite in Keep Shelly In Athens has also dropped a new song, which should help satiate your desire for dreamy electro pop.

Big shout out to Chronic City out of Vienna, Austria for sharing their latest song, The Man Who, with me also. This track sees them venture into the pensive and wistful, achieving it with an honest elegance and beauty.

Dig this mix, keep smiling and rocking out, until next time.


1. Cloud Control – Scar (00:00)

2. Still Life Still – In Enemies (03:44)

3. Bad Suns – Cardiac Arrest (07:13)

4. Swim Deep – King City (10:16)

5. PAPA (theband) – If You’re My Girl, Then I’m Your Man (14:33)

6. Yacht – Second Summer (RAC Remix) (19:05)

7. Surfer Blood – Floating Vibes (23:41)

8. Step Rockets – Kisser (27:40)

9. Big Deal – Catch Up (31:31)

10. Pretty Lights – Always All Ways (35:08)

11. TV On The Radio – Mercy (40:40)

12. Forage – Drinking Games (44:00)

13. Greyjoy – Strangers (47:37)

14. Little Wren – Red Shoes (51:34)

15. Ben Wuyts – Responsibilty (55:30)

16. AU PALAIS – Thrones (58:32)

17. Until The Ribbon Breaks – 2025 (1:03:03)

18. The Preatures – Revelation (1:07:30)

19. Murphy N Weller – Isn’t This One Of Those Cars That Blows Up (1:10:37)

20. Keep Shelly In Athens – Recollection (1:15:02)

21. Astronauts, etc – Sadie (1:19:20)

22. Clean Bandit – Dust Clears (1:22:38)

23. Lane 8 – Be Mine (1:26:15)

24. Chronic City ft Florian Horwath – The Man Who (1:29:51)

25. Surfer Blood – Harmonix (1:33:52)

26. Pretty Lights – My Only Hope (1:38:32)

26. Futurebirds – Dig (1:43:24)

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