The Breakdown Episode 55

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Pretty Lights, Phoenix, Bonobo, Cosmo Sheldrake, Austra, GilbereForte, BESTiE, Junip, Surfer Blood, Gold Panda and Devine Fits.

Stream it here: 

Right click and “save link as” to download the mp3 file here: The Breakdown with Ben Episode 55

Well, well, well. What an interesting episode we have here. The juxtaposition of genres will leave you scratching your head, but loving the music nonetheless. The episode is dominated by the reappearance of the great Pretty Lights, who has dropped his most recent masterpiece, A Color Map Of The Sun. I’ve still not listened to it in great depth, but know that its rocking like all his other work. A couple of standouts are included.

This episode generally, however, contains a lot of very chilled out tracks. I found myself wondering if I’m mellowing with age, with the taste in music reflecting that… But then again I have included a rarity for the Breakdown, a rap song! With filthy language, too, mind you, so watch out if you’re playing it over the speakers at work. I deliberately included it last, for this reason, even though the temptation to bat it much further up the order was intense. It features one of my favourite red headed, falsetto-vocalled, harp playing indie artists of all time, Active Child. The song is called Nolita and is effing sweet, worth hanging on to the end for.

Other than these and the chill numbers, there are basically more great tunes from all the albums I’ve been loving of late. Regular listeners will know who I mean. Austra, Surfer Blood, Divine Fits, Gold & Youth, Phoenix and Junip.

Enjoy the weirdness guys :)


Artist – Song Title (start time)

1. Pretty Lights – Press Pause (00:00)

2. Surfer Blood – Catholic Pagans (04:49)

3. Divine Fits – The Salton Sea (08:01)

4. Austra – Sleep (12:23)

5. Magic Man – Nova Scotia (16:56)

6. Kodaline – Love Like This (21:10)

7. Phoenix – Chloroform (24:47)

8. Cosmo Sheldrake – The Fly (28:50)

9. Gold & Youth – Young Blood (32:25)

10. Bonobo – Ten Tigers (35:50)

11. Hydrabadd – Sanctuary (BWB edit) (39:55)

12. Joywave – Tongues (Feat. KOPPS) (43:30)

13. BESTiE – Foolish Hearts (Tribe of Zebras Remix) (47:21)

14. Austra – Fire (50:35)

15. Divine Fits – My Love is Real (55:15)

16. Surfer Blood – Take it Easy (58:05)

17. Matt Corby – Resolution (1:02:00)

18. wampire – Trains (1:06:17)

19. Baby Alpaca – Wild Child (BWB edit) (1:09:44)

20. Pure Bathing Culture – Pendulum (1:14:57)

21. Cosmo Sheldrake – Rich (Feat. Anna Roo) (1:18:55)

22. Banks – Warm Water (Feat. T.E.E.D.) (1:23:20)

23. Junip – Walking Lightly (1:26:52)

24. Jacques Greene – On Your Side (Feat. How To Dress Well) (1:32:35)

25. Gold Panda – We Work Nights (1:36:43)

26. Pretty Lights – Prophet (1:42:40)

27. GilbereForte – Nolita (Feat. Active Child) (1:48:36)

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