The Breakdown Episode 51

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Atlas Genius, In The Valley Below, Junip, Gypsy And The Cat, Kurt Vile, Memory Tapes and Band Of Horses.

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Welcome to the best collection of new (ish) indie tracks on the web! Apologies again for not sticking to my regular 2-weekly podcast, I have had some massive distractions in my personal life, but at least it has been happening to a sweet soundtrack!

Most musically exciting for me of late has been the discovery of In The Valley Below, who seem to have a very varied sound, with fantastic songwriting pedigree, going off the 3 tracks I have of theirs so far. So cool and I am stoked to hear a release from them when it’s forthcoming. Also Atlas Genius is really floating my boat right now. Their album is a start to finish gem that I am really digging at the minute, so be prepared for a few songs of theirs over coming Breakdowns.

New material from already known and admired indie artists comes from Band Of Horses (a sweeeeeet song!), Junip (Jose Gonzales’ band), Gypsy And The Cat (another solid release from them), Kurt Vile, Memory Tapes and Geographer. Most of these groups have just released their second albums and are impressing me with their flare.

Big ups to Chronic City, out of Vienna, Austria, for sending me their debut singe via the contact section of the Breakdown’s website. Their song Key Biscayne will definitely have you tapping your feet and humming along, so let’s hope they manage to grab a foothold in the indie world.

Hope you’re going to enjoy the soundtrack to your next couple weeks as much as I did for the last couple! Peace :)

Artist – Song Title (Start Time)
1. Gypsy And The Cat – Bloom (00:00)
2. James Vincent McMorrow – We Don’t Eat (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) (03:54)
3. In The Valley Below – Peaches (07:20)
4. Atlas Genius – Trojans (12:05)
5. Band Of Horses – Feud (15:43)
6. The Heavy – Short Change Hero (18:40)
7. Junip – Suddenly (22:41)
8. SEASFIRE – Oh Lucifer (27:27)
9. Chronic City – Key Biscayne ft. Henri Joel (31:22)
10. Fiction – Big Things (35:09)
11. Geographer – Atmosphere (38:17)
12. Sin Fang – Slow Lights (43:37)
13. Goldsmith – Backbone (48:30)
14. John Frusciante – Murderers (52:08)
15. Coasts – Ocean (54:50)
16. The Colourist – Little Games (58:34)
17. The Bilinda Butchers – The Lovers’ Suicide (1:01:17)
18. Gypsy And The Cat – Zombie World (1:04:23)
19. Kurt Vile – Never Run Away (1:07:54)
20. In The Valley Below – Hymnal (1:11:19)
21. Gabriel White – Dawn (1:16:00)
22. S-Type – Billboard (1:18:34)
23. Memory Tapes – Follow Me (1:21:52)

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