The Breakdown Episode 42

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Birkwin Jersey, The Rubens, Menomena, Summer Heart, HUMANS, Chad Valley, S O H N and Young Wonder.

Stream it here: 

Right click “save link as” to download mp3 here: The Breakdown with Ben Episode 42

Hello to all my fellow music lovers and welcome to another winning edition of the breakdown. This is yet another fantastic collection of the best new indie songs. This will likely be the only Breakdown for this month, owing to the fact that I am presently in South America and will be for the remainder of this month. I have, however, pre loaded my iPod with hundreds of songs I haven’t as of yet heard so you can guarantee a couple of sweet breakdowns upon my return.

Kicking this edition off is a fantastic tune by a group I haven’t even come close to hearing of before – S O H N. I first heard it on an idle couch weeknight with my lady friend.  we both turned to each other mid song and said “this is sick!”. The lyrics somewhat reflect my attitude to a lot of things humanity finds important so please enjoy it’s beauty.

One of the highlights of albums I’ve been enjoying of late is the new release by homegrown duo HUMANS, of East Vancouver. Their 7 track EP is yet another start to finish wonder that you would be wise to buy and enjoy.

Menomena have a new album out that I have not had the time to get as intimately acquainted with as I would have liked, but I have found a couple of gems on. They are bringing back the traditional guitar-based indie rock band with true style.

Another artist that I have particularly enjoyed the works of over the past couple years that has been leaking new material is Birkwin Jersey. He has a couple of new songs floating around that continue his strange, manic, mixed up, yet ultimately beautiful sound.

Another name that has popped up in quite a few blogs not only as remixer but a remixee (if there is such a word…?) as well as a seemingly accomplished individual artist is Chad Valley. I instantly recognized his voice as the lead behind the band Jonquil, who I have similarly noticed in a number of blogs. In any case, the Lissvek remix of his song Fall 4 U is mega sweet.

For those of you that stick to the bitter end, lies a treat of treats. The Daithí remix of my flavor-of-the-month group Young Wonder‘s song Tumbling Backwards is (pardon my French) fucking awesome.

Please enjoy this selection of musical masterpieces and i look forward to giving you more gems next month.

Peace and love.

Tracklist (start time)

1. S O H N – T H E W H E E L (00:00)

2. Birkwin Jersey – Tall Like Gulliver (03:54)

3. Case Work – Summer’s Ending (But It’s Not Too Late) (07:11)

4. Brad Fillatre – New Tattoo (11:14)

5. Liz Wood – Ruin (14:22)

6. ABADABAD – All The Bros Say (17:32)

7. The Rubens – I’ll Surely Die (20:33)

8. Sea Wolf – Old Friend (24:20)

9. The Sweet Serenades – Can’t Get Enough (28:17)

10. The Zolas – Knot In My Heart (30:50)

11. The High Highs – Once Around The House (34:50)

12. Luke Reed – At The Harbor (37:51)

13. Diamond Messages – You Were The One (39:46)

14. Nervous Cloud – Monarch (43:04)

15. Menomena – Pique (46:46)

16. Jamaican Queens – Kids Get Away (51:22)

17. HUMANS – Possession (54:50)

18. Chad Valley – Fall 4 U (1:00:21)

19. Awolnation – Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix) (1:05:16)

20. Summer Heart – Stockholm (1:11:36)

21. Fishing – Choy Lin (1:15:59)

22. Beacon – Feelings Gone (1:19:26)

23. Simian Ghost – Wolf Girl (Slow Magic Remix) (1:22:32)

24. The Limousines – TriangleCircleSquare (1:26:15)

25. HUMANS – De Ciel (1:28:51)

26. Young Wonder – Tumbling Backwards (Daithi remix) (1:33:02)

  1. Nancy Capezzone says:

    “Ruin” by Liz Wood rocks!

  2. aubrey8 says:

    ahhhhhhhhhh “Ruin” by Liz Wood is UH MAZING

  3. says:

    benny abadabad are my new favs man can’t stop listening to there EP and songs on youtube cheers buds… yew hope your having fun down south..

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    I’m going to highly recommend this blog!

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