The Breakdown Episode 41

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Young Wonder, Beat Connection, Electric Guest, Grimes, Poor Spirits, Future Islands, Local Natives and Grizzly Bear.

Stream it here: 

Right click “save link as” to download mp3 here:  The Breakdown with Ben Episode 41


Greetings to all fellow music enthusiasts and congratulations to finding your way to the greatest source for new and used indie pop and electro gems.

Firstly, I want to send a big thanks to all the new Breakdown fans who are enjoying these mixes and sending me your suggestions. That is one of my primary sources for material and without it I would be worse off. Quite a few tracks on this mix are from such suggestions, and I look forward to everyone who hasn’t heard them getting a real earful.

I have kicked it straight off with a number of these such acts, Young Wonder, out of Cork, Ireland, are a fantastic little electro duo with really powerful and catchy tunes. A welcome break from Ireland’s staple musical contributors such as U2 etc! Their self titled EP is awesome. Another new discovery was Beat Connection, get your ears around their Surf Noir EP its really cool. The Dreamtrak Diamond Sound Remix of Silver Screen is so sweet. I have definitely had it bumping around in my head for the last couple of weeks while I do Ben things with a big dopey grin plastered on my face :)

Electric Guest‘s album, Mondo, is another super cool new release that is chilled, kinda funky and just generally very listenable. Well worth a look. Local Natives, from LA, have a sweet album out called Gorilla Manor that you should also get stuck into. They are a traditional guitar-and-drums indie rock band with a very distinctive sound, capable of producing delightful pop hooks, of which I’m always very appreciative of.

I’m still rocking fantastic releases by Poor Spirits – still trying to get my hands on their latest release however it is proving to be quite elusive) – but am continually impressed with the releases I have from him. The Future Islands album, On The Water, continues to grow on me, and is looking more likely every day to end up in my top 10 albums for the year, so needless to say well, worth a look. the Grimes album is another one that I didn’t go much on to begin with, but am enjoying more recently, this is reflected with a couple of cool tracks from her in this mix.

As usual, the standard array of single blogged tracks make their appearance, and are always a fantastic addition to another really cool Breakdown.


Tracklist (start time)

1. Young Wonder – Pulse (00:00)

2. Poor Spirits – Pistol Pineapple (02:01)

3. Beat Connection – Silver Screen (Dreamtrak Diamond Sound Remix) (05:31)

4. Electric Guest – Awake (11:08)

5. Future Islands – Where I Found You (16:08)

6. Grimes – Visiting Statue (21:51)

7. Ambassadeurs – My World (23:51)

8. Beat Connection – Sunburn (27:40)

9. Local Natives – Wide Eyes (30:25)

10. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Only In My Dreams (34:51)

11.  DAYTONA – Undertow (38:03)

12. Black Lakes – Common Song (42:41)

13. Charlie Mayfair – Tell Her Full Master (46:09)

14. Fierce Creatures – Babbity Abbot (49:23)

15. Grizzly Bear – Yet Again (53:52)

16. Local Natives – Warning Sign (58:15)

17. Sures – Stars (01:02:27)

18. Beat Connection – In The Water (01:06:09)

19. Grimes – Nightmusic (feat. Majical Cloudz) (01:10:56)

20. Tim and Jean – Solina (01:15:59)

21. Taquwami – vvi+h you (01:20:12)

22. Young Wonder – Flesh (01:24:07)

23. Poor Spirits – Beach Cities (01:28:02)

24. Sun Airway – Close (Beat Connection Remix) (01:31:16)

25. Feist – Graveyard (TRUST remix) (01:36:57)

26. Electric Guest – Troubleman (01:41:29)

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