The Breakdown Episode 40

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from MGMT, The xx, Yeasayer, Future Islands, Poor Spirits, Menomena, St. Lucia, Other Lives and Turtle Giant.

Stream it here: 

Right click “save link as” to download mp3 here: The Breakdown with Ben Episode 40

Well spank my butt with a pink serviette and call me Susan, it’s yet another cracking edition of The Breakdown, which is hopefully serving its purpose in eroding the dominance of shit music in popular culture and opening you up, one person at a time, to the multitude of amazing artists releasing amazing music…!

As I say every week, this is a really good one, but hell, they all are. And I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am making them for you.

To kick things off, I’ve laid down a beautiful track from the amazing The xx‘s sophomore album, Coexist. It is very slow and haunting and is a bold way to kick off a Breakdown, but see it out, its really nice.

Another track that is now almost 5 years old but that I was only enlightened to recently by a certain someone I know with a similarly killer taste in music, is a fantastic one from the great MGMT, off one of their EP’s that came before the all conquering Oracular Spectacular.

Unheard of band Turtle Giant have given us another of my latest obsessions, We Were Kids. This song rocks plain and simple. Other highlights of the past couple of weeks in terms of blogged single songs I’ve found come from San Fran duo, Pair of Arrows; Sam Flax; Wild Nothing (a Cut Copy clone if ever I heard one, but at least they do it well!); Kisses, Canadian group Stars; and The Softpack.

Included as always are highlights from albums and EP’s I’ve been rocking as well. Regular Breakdown followers will recognise a lot of these groups from recent podcasts. Rounding out the highlights from standout recent releases are tracks from Other Lives, Yeasayer, Future Islands, Poor Spirits and St. Lucia. I’ve also included a couple tracks from a cool album from a duo out of country Western Australia called Tim and Jean. I’m not sure how a couple kids from country Aus came to sound a lot like Passion Pit, but let’s just roll with it. Thanks Tomassi for that heads up, can’t wait to see your numb face in South America boy! :)

Enjoy, everyone. I know I have!

Tracklist (start time)

1. The xx – Angels  (00:00)

2. Other Lives – For 12 (02:51)

3. MGMT – Indie Rokkers (07:03)

4. Turtle Giant – We Were Kids (11:30)

5. Yeasayer – Longevity (16:01)

6. Agent A and Omae – C’mon (19:15)

7. Cold Showers – BC (23:56)

8. Future Islands – Before The Bridge (28:40)

9. Pair of Arrows – Vestige (32:41)

10. Cloud Seeding – The Light (feat. Nadine Carina) (37:47)

11. Sam Flax – Child of Glass (41:32)

12. Stars – The Theory of Relativity (46:05)

13. Tim and Jean – Give It Up (50:22)

14. Poor Spirits – Born Backwards (54:20)

15. Wild Nothing – Paradise (58:06)

16. Kisses – Funny Heartbeat (1:03:36)

17. The Helio Sequence – October (1:07:51)

18. Electric Youth – The Best Thing (1:12:29)

19. The Softpack – Tallboy (1:16:23)

20. The Mouthbreathers – Birthdays (1:19:24)

21. Menomena – Heavy Is As Heavy Does (1:21:15)

22. Yeasayer – Devil And The Deed (1:25:43)

23. St. Lucia – Before The Dive (1:29:20)

24. Tim and Jean – Like What (1:34:00)

25. les sins – Fetch (1:37:41)

26. DIIV – Follow (Memory Tapes remix) (1:43:05)

27. Praything – Soon Soon (1:47:46)

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