The Breakdown Episode 38

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Featuring tracks from Tokyo Police Club, WU LYF, Other Lives, Bravestation, Future Islands, The xx, Plants and Animals, Yung Life and Passion Pit.

Stream it here: 

Right click “save link as” to download mp3 here: The Breakdown with Ben Episode 38

Welcome to another cracking edition of The Breakdown. I swear these things just keep getting better and better. This one is truly amazing. As always, I’ve had an incredible two weeks, accompanied by a spellbinding soundtrack, and you guys are the beneficiaries of all the listening I’ve done.

I started out being obsessed with the featured Nerves Junior song, which kept me company in the early hours of the morning after driving a taxi for 15 hours on a busy weekend. Its really beautiful. My obsession inevitably gave way, this time to the Other Lives album, which is still only in its infancy in my ears, but is mind blowing. Big thanks to Tulloh from upstairs once again.

Other than Other Lives, albums I have been really digging recently are ones by Bravestation (brand new “tribal pop” group out of Canada), Future Islands (thanks to Johnny A for this one), Plants and Animals (another perennial favourite out of Canada), Yung Life (my 80’s pop influences coming through again – guess I should thank mum and dad for this one!), Poor Spirits, WU LYF (incredibly innovative lo-fi group out of the UK) and the new one from another old favourite, Passion Pit.

There are, as always, a number of killer tunes originating from my single track / blog sources too. Hope you guys enjoy this incredible collection of music nearly as much as I have been.


1. Other Lives – Tamer Animals

2. Nerves Junior – Kale

3. You Won’t – Television

4. Bravestation – Amarinthe

5. Gathered Ghosts – Feels Like Nothing

6. Future Islands – Give Us The Wind

7. Imaginary Cities – Hummingbird

8. Patty Griffin – As Cold As It Gets

9. The xx – Angels (Bodhi remix)

10. Bridge Underwater – Take A Piece Of Me

11. Plants And Animals – Control Me

12. Yung Life – Over Time In Time

13. Poor Spirits – Too Easy

14. Other Lives – Dust Bowl III

15. Woods – Cali In A Cup

16. Emil and Friends – Polish Girl (Neon Indian cover)

17. Aimee Mann – Charmer

18. TV Girl – Girls Like Me

19. Zulu Winter – Let’s Move Back To The Front

20. Tokyo Police Club – Strictly Game (Harlem Shakes cover)

21. The Neighbourhood – Female Robbery

22. Passion Pit – Cry Like A Ghost

23. The Moth and The Mirror – Fire

24. Flowers and Sea Creatures – International

25. WU LYF – Concrete Gold

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