The Breakdown Episode 33

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
Featuring tracks from Yeasayer, Perfume Genius, Alabama Shakes, Django Django, Crooked Colours, Fibes, oh Fibes!, Purity Ring, Some Velvet Morning and St. Etienne.
Apologies for the lateness, Harold, the traffic was right state! As much as I’d love to blame traffic for slacking off for 6 weeks, its because I’ve been on some mad little adventures over the last little bit. still has no studios, rendering me unable to take advantage of their electrical goodies, and as such the Breakdown went on temporary hiatus. My appetite for new music did not, however. So now I have a playlist of about 80 songs I want to share with everyone, so I will probably drop 3 episodes over the next week and a bit. Doing it the old school way, no encoder or mic so no Ben voice, which is probably a good thing!

To download the mp3 for free, right click “save link as”: The Breakdown with Ben Episode 33

One of my all time fave bands, Yeasayer, have dropped a teaser from their forthcoming third studio album, due out in August. Henrietta is a beautiful song; true Yeasayer style, but over a subtly disguised undertone of dub and in some ways reggae. Chris Keating’s incredible vocals are, as always, a linchpin of the track, and of their style. These guys keep morphing and changing to stay a few steps ahead of everyone else. The album is going to be a cracker.

Stand out tracks from fantastic albums by Of Monsters And Men (who I was lucky enough to catch live in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago – amazing live performance to an enraptured sold out crowd), Perfume Genius, Alabama Shakes, Husky, Wye Oak and Django Django are featured in this episode.

Crooked Colours is an Aussie band that personally emailed me an mp3 of their latest song I Was The Wolf after I made contact with them. I received it at the same time Triple J Unearthed did, meaning mine were a pair of the first ears to hear it which was pretty fun.

Single tracks from Fibes, oh Fibes!, Purity Ring, Secret Hands and Some Velvet Morning have also been on high rotation.

To finish off, I’ve shared with you one of the best remixes to ever fall into my grubby mitts. St. Etienne has turned an average song by Summer Camp into one that is one part foreboding, one part manic, one part confusing, one part beautiful, but all parts ingenious and incredible.


1. Ben Howard – Depth Over Distance
2. Yeasayer – Henrietta
3. Of Monsters And Men – Love Love Love
4. Husky – History’s Door
5. Tu Fawning – Anchor
6. Jai Paul – Jasmine
7. Wye Oak – Plains
8. Enola Fall – I am an Aerial
9. Alabama Shakes – Hang Loose
10. Perfume Genius – Hood
11. Django Django – Default
12. Diamond Rugs – Gimme a Beer
13. Adam and the Amethysts – Prophecy
14.  Papercuts – Do What You Will
15. Xylos – Summerlong
16. Crooked Colours – I Was The Wolf
17. Some Velvet Morning – Times Like These
18. Fibes, Oh Fibes! – Untitled
19. The Rubens – Don’t Ever Want To Be Found
20. Blood Orange – Sutphin Boulevard
21. Purity Ring – Obedear
22. Secret Hands – I Forget Who I Am
23. Summer Camp – Losing My Mind (St. Etienne remix)

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